Noah Brown, The steal of the Draft?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cmoney23, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. cmoney23

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    As a Michigan fan, it pains me to say it... but Noah Brown might be the steal of the draft.

    He is raw. But I think he could be one of the best WR in this draft when it's all said and done. Has good size and strength. I think he was towards the top in bench at the combine. He is a "high point", "in traffic" catcher.

    He could work on his speed some, he ran a decent 40 at his pro day and in a few years he could be our number 2 WR and a very good one at that.

  2. dwreck27

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    Steal? Maybe. Just another raw talent in a kid who probably should have gone back to school for another season or two....

    But hey Im all for taking a guy with "traits" in the 7th round whose super raw and is mold-able
  3. big dog cowboy

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  4. Hardline

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    There are 31 other NFL team forums talking about how they got the steal of the draft.
  5. cmoney23

    cmoney23 Well-Known Member

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    Yup. And I bet you most of them will be right... theirs always a few on every team.
  6. tm1119

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    Ehh...going to have to spend at least a year on the practice squad, probably 2. Could he conceivably be a better option than T Will in 2019? Probably not, but maybe if he works really hard. But the same could be said about a whole lot of players.
  7. SilverStarCowboy

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    Just another shot in the dark late round WR.
  8. rocyaice

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    I was gonna say the same thing. Every year we say this and these guys get cut.
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  9. Kaiser

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    The thing that jumped out at me about Brown was that he only played one year at Ohio State. He got a few reps as a Freshman, had a redshirt year, then an OK sophomore year and declared for the draft. I'd rather have him on our practice squad for a year and then competing for a roster spot next year than putting up a big season at OSU and having to spend a higher draft pick on him -

    NOAH BROWN | Ohio State
    GRADE 5th Round

    BACKGROUND: A four-star athlete recruit out of high school, Brown committed to Ohio State over Notre Dame, Rutgers and Penn State. With an experienced core of receivers on the 2014 National Championship Buckeyes, including future second rounders Devin Smith and Michael Thomas, Brown recorded only one catch for nine yards as a true freshman. He was expected to push for starting reps in 2015, but a leg injury during preseason camp ended his season, taking a redshirt year. Brown returned in 2016 as a redshirt sophomore and won a starting job, finishing second on the team in catches (32), receiving yards (402) and touchdowns (seven) to earn All-Big Ten Honorable Mention honors. He surprised many by electing to skip his final two seasons of eligibility and enter the 2017 NFL Draft.

    STRENGTHS: Impressive size dimensions with a powerful build, long arms and large hands…footwork to make hard stops and snap out of his breaks…strong route acceleration and looks to establish leverage…beautiful body control to make controlled adjustments on the ball…expands his catch radius to scoop off his shoelaces or snare a few feet from his body…quick to find and isolate the football, making tough grabs look routine…works back to the ball…physical vs. press to power through the jam, effectively using his hands…comfortable with a man on his hip and uses his frame to shield defenders from the ball…tough over the middle with the body armor to endure contact…plus blocker with his upper body strength to control the point of attack…high scoring percentage with a touchdown every 4.7 receptions over his Ohio State career.
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  10. The Realist

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    Xavier Woods is the steal of the draft.
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  11. Rogerthat12

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    The kid can block and as you say catch the ball over the middle and in the end zone.

    Raw but I really like the kid, a big target, like a TE almost in size.
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  12. Sarge

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    Party pooper.
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  13. waving monkey

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    The two Alabama players Allen and Foster are the steals of the draft but they had red flags.
    I hate that Allen fell to Red Skins.
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  14. Doc50

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    Sounds a bit like Michael Irvin.
  15. Joe Realist

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    could be contributor by 2019 or released in August.
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  16. cowboyschmps3

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    Could end up being a very good possession receiver with nice after he catch plays, very raw player but with a high ceiling. According to Garrett, Zeke had already given them an insider on him lol.
  17. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    The problem is that it will be very hard for him to make our roster and if he shows anything then it will be hard to sneak him on the practice squad.

    Butler has a role on this team. That's the guy he will have to beat out.

    Andy Jones is also a guy that he will be competing with.

    How smart is he? Because our offense is very difficult on WR's. They have to read the game like a QB.

    Dez, T. Will, Cole, and Switzer are locks.
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  18. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    Steal of the draft? :huh:
    He'd have to have a Jerry Rice career to be the steal of the draft.
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  19. stasheroo

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    I don't see it as anything impossible to beat out Butler if he had to. While His size-speed combination is enticing, Butler still hasn't managed to put it all together after several years in the league. And he had an awful finish to 2016, so his last impressions weren't good.

    I looked it up and it's only a $300,000 cap hit if they decided to cut him outright. And also, in looking at the roster, I can see the team going with only 3 tight ends this year (Witten, Swaim, Gathers) and that could free up a spot for a 6th receiver if it were warranted.
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  20. chicago JK

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    The odds will be against him. He certainly has the measurables as an NFL receiver. I didn't see much on his highlights catching the ball. I was much more impressed with some of his blocks. In two years, he could be a very interesting player. It will be tough for him to make the team though. He will need to show he can play on special teams and if needed not be a lost cause in our offense due to his inexperience and being raw. I would not count out Andy Jones as well. Another really impressive physical build for a WR.
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