Nolan Carroll: 'I can't wait to play Eagles'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dguinta1, Mar 19, 2017.

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    Carroll signed a three-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys last week. He'll see the Eagles twice a year.
    Just days after signing a three-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys, Nolan Carroll is already excited to face his former team in Philadelphia.

    Carroll, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles the past three years, was on the other side of the fence of the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry. Now, that Carroll has switched sides, he's looking forward to facing his former team.

    “It’s not hard for me at all. If anything, I can’t wait to play them,” Carroll told the Dallas Cowboys website. “It’s definitely going to be fun and interesting to go to a place I used to play at. All I cared about is winning. Coming here and winning as many games as possible.”

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    The Cowboys showed interest in Carroll when he was a free agent after the 2015 season, but Carroll was coming off a broken ankle that ended his year. With not many offers on the table, Carroll returned to Philadelphia and bet on himself by signing a one-year deal.

    The gamble paid off. Carroll started all 16 games for the Eagles, finishing with 55 tackles, 10 pass deflections, a forced fumble and an interception.

    Carroll, who was ranked 92nd out of 112 qualified cornerbacks by Pro Football Focus last season, decided to sign with the Cowboys this time around.

    “It’s really not about the offer,” Carroll said. “I just want to win. I appreciate the opportunity Coach (Jason) Garrett and Mr. (Jerry) Jones have given me to come to a prestigious organization like this and be a part of a winning tradition and winning culture around here. I just see it as me being another piece to help the team win.”

    Carroll will be tested in his first year against his former team in Philadelphia. The Eagles have been busy this free agent season upgrading the wide receiver position, adding Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith.

    Even with the challenge, Carroll believes Dallas will put him in the best position to extend his career.

    "They try to accommodate their players first and want them to have the best environment possible to succeed," Carroll said. Just seeing the guys and being around the coaches, you can feel the positive attitude around here.”

    To follow Eagles reporter Jeff Kerr on Twitter: @JeffKerr247
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    And to think we got him at Ross Dress for Less! LOL!
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    I like the player, he's not great...he's ok. Which is pretty hard to find as free agent CB's are concerned when they only cost 10 mil. I remember him from philly and he's not afraid to tackle, above average in coverage. I'm happy to have him. We signed a former redskin and eagle for the second off season in a row...just feels weird.
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    Typical off season sign. I like it. We'll draft one more at the least.
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    I can't wait either for fantasy purposes when I can grab Alshon really late this year.
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    Yea, but hopefully 2. OS, Browns, and X draft pick pushes Carroll to the 3rd or 4th CB. He can play well there. Another pick would be great for depth.
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    I can't wait until we cut this guy.:rolleyes:
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    :lmao: Sometimes they got some good stuff there. You just gotta hunt. It ain't easy
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    Im sure for Philly the feelings mutual.
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    I can't wait for his first pick 6
  13. DandyDon1722

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    And Dez can't wait for practice.
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    Definitely has the right attitude to fit in with the Cowboys.

    The culture in Dallas is one of the best in the entire NFL. I never get tired of hearing this type of thing.
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    Who's the red head?
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    March 2016 -- Nolan Carroll says visiting the Dallas Cowboys was 'weird'

    "It was just weird. Being here, playing here, knowing that I played against those guys a few times. It felt weird," Carroll said. "To be in the facility and see some of the players I played against ... it was different."

    The trip to Dallas felt weird enough to Carroll that he elected to take a one-year deal with the Eagles, returning to the team he has spent the past two seasons with.

    "I felt like throughout the whole process, all of the other visits," Carroll said, "this felt like the best fit for me."
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    More like the Dollar Store. I hope he plays well here, but this guy has been GARBAGE!!! He was a third to fourth tier FA pickup
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    I wish I could say she is my girlfriend... alas, I cannot.
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    i totally just googled "Nolan Carroll burnt toast" to post the pic, but it was actually Brad Fletcher

    who knew

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