News: Nolan Nawrocki - Gruden to the Cowboys (rumor)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by rafaelgreco, Oct 30, 2012.

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    I think hiring Mike Lombardi as general manager and allowing him to bring in his own people would be a good start. Go get Jon Gruden and let him bring Lombardi with him. Gruden or Fisher should have been the two top guys to start with. I think Garrett fooled some people with his 5-3 2010 finish. He had to play with Jon Kitna, and he was forced to run the ball consistently in the second half of the season. He was forced to have a screen game, too.

    That would be a good start for the Cowboys if they want to regain credibility and salvage a demoralized fan base. I was hoping Gruden would be the next coach at Tennessee, and he was very interested in the job three years ago. This guy wants to coach, imo. It was reported that Gruden was watching the Vols play on his flight to Arizona. There is a picture of him on the internet taking notes. Gruden has land in East Tennessee, and his wife is a Tennessee native. Gruden was a graduate assistant at Tennessee back in the mid-1980s. What do you know. Gruden actually had to pay his coaching dues and work his way up the coaching ranks. I liked Gruden and Fisher, but I sure let Garrett fool me with that 5-3 finish. It was nothing but hocus-pocus.

    I've sure seen enough of Jason Garrett's inconsistent, erratic coaching. If things stay the way they are, I'm not going to worry about it. The results will eventually be too much for Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett to overcome. The team is headed for 8-8 and quite possibly worse. Why will things be different under Garrett next year?
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    Jerry is attached to Garrett the way Coach Pop is attached to Matt Bonner.....what is with these red heads, what mystic power they must possess to continue to fail, but keep their jobs......btw, im a red head too.
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    I don't see Garrett going anywhere, but I can see him giving up his play calling duties next year.
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    Guys. Listen up!!!!

    The offense isn't the problem. TURNOVERS are the problem.

    The Cowboys are I think 7th in offense. Get rid of the turnovers and this team is 5-2, maybe 6-1. And that's with Garrett as HC.

    Take Bryant off special teams. Have him run patterns CORRECTLY. Get rid of Felix permanently. Protect Romo.

    These things can be done with Garrett as HC. That's where the problems are.
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    The turnovers are a direct cause of all the mental mistakes and those go right back to JG. It is his offense and it is his job to get these guys ready and to adjust his scheme to better suit their talents. Neither one of those things is happening as far as I can tell.

    I still think he has to get another season, you cant keep changing coaches every couple of years that is a recipe for disaster. I like the type of players he has brought in and I really think he will be a good coach, it just sucks he is learning on the job.
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    Don't know if I buy any of this at this point.
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    Too good to be true.
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    I'd love Gruden or a coach like him. To me having a coach like Garrett is fine if you have a team full of leaders. I don't see anyone of the roster stepping up and being that team leader, so you need that from your coach. I have yet to see that from Garrett, so I'd welcome a personality like Gruden in here for the players to follow.
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    The offense is responsible for the turnovers, so there is the problem. Only averaging 18 PPG is also a product of an unproductive offense. Yards are nice to have, but points are what the offense needs to produce.
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    Who has won a SuperBowl as a HC in two places because there is not one I am aware off. Their are many assistant coaches that have rings that then won Rings as a HC. Pleas enlighten me on a HC that has won SB with two different teams.

    I know of 4 coaches that have been to SB with two different teams they lost with one team and won with one.

    Shula Lost with Baltimore Colts won with Miami
    Parcells won with Giants Lost with NE
    Vermiel Lost with Eagles won with Saint Louis Cardinals
    Holgrem Won with GB lost with Seahawks
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    I agree.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    You did say win.

    Sorry about that.
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    Parcells? Only Giants, right?

    Vermiel? Only Rams, right?

    Shula? Only Dolphins, right?

    Reeves? huh?
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    this now makes my other post irrelevant! thanks a lot, haha
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    Not true...

    Jimmy Johnson won in Pasadena and in Atlanta :starspin:


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    Redball reminds me a lot of Sean Payton circa 2002. Now, I am not saying that Garrett is going to ultimately become Payton so please, don't start down that path. He may end up seeing that kind of success but I doubt it will be in Dallas.

    Payton, like Garrett, was a career backup in the NFL. Payton, like Garrett, was a QB Coach in Philly and then in NY. Payton, like Garrett, was promoted to OC from QB coach. Payton, like Garrett was considered to be a Wunderkind but while in New York, fell out of grace with his Head Coach. At this point, the story takes a different path. This never happened with Garrett. In the case of Payton, he was fired and later got on with Dallas under Parcells. This was probably one of the best things that could have ever happened to Payton. Parcells taught Payton about football and how it works. Payton was always a great offensive minded coach but he never understood the value of field position, turnovers and how offense influences defense and how both have to work together to win. I think that Parcells taught him this and also the value of detail in Coaching. He taught him how to be a HC. That has not happened to Garrett and as long as he stays in Dallas, it probably never will.

    It is very unfortunate for both Garrett and the Cowboys because I do believe that Garrett will eventually be a fine HC in this league but not until he gets fired and moves on IMO. Somebody is going to benefit from the time invested in Garrett but I don't think it's going to be us sadly.
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    No head coach has won a super bowl for two different franchises(as others have pointed out). A few have came close, but none have pulled off the feat as of yet. About the only person that you could argue that came close was Weeb Ewbank who coached the Colts to a couple of championship titles in the late 50's. After the Colts fired Ewbank(for Don Shula) he took over the Jets and in 68' those Jets defeated Shula's Colts in super bowl III.

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    if gruden comes to dallas consider it a christmas miracle.
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    The "never won two SB" argument is laughable. Like getting to a SB as Parcells or Holmgren did wouldn't be preferable to what we're doing now.

    And Holmgren should have done it anyway if not for the worst-called SB I've ever seen.
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    I'm with you. I would leap over Cowboys stadium tomorrow if we could get Holmgren or Gruden as our next HC.

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