News: Nolan Nawrocki - Gruden to the Cowboys (rumor)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by rafaelgreco, Oct 30, 2012.

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    The fact that he has hasn't come anywhere close to replicating the feat in 17 years only underscores how much those Superbowls were a result of Jimmy being here evaluating talent.

    Jerry Jones the GM on his own has been a disaster.

    Gruden would be the best thing for the remaining years of Romo. The guy got to the SB with Rich Gannon, he sure as heck can do it with Romo.
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    I believe the salary cap and whole parity business have had more to do with it. The Niners have done no better and they were the only team to challenge Dallas in the early 90's.

    Jimmy left after the 93 superbowl. Mainly because he felt Jerry wouldn't let him runs things the way he wanted. So, Jerry ran things then like he does now.

    You can blame Jerry all you want, but he isn't going to change and if you are a Cowboy supporter you have to live with it. It isn't something new in the 21 years he has owned the team. If it gives everyone so much heartburn, root for another team, cause this is the way our team is.

    Funny thing is, in 1987 and 1988, the same things were said about Landry and Schramm.
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    Actually, they said that Landry was stale as a coach and predictable...Garrett isn't stale, he just is NOT a good head coach...time to move on from the little red-headed step child...
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    not true, Gruden was in last year of his contract and Al wanted a different offensive Gruden was traded, there was no power struggle
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    is Jerry. He needs to ask himself if he wants to win a championship again, or be the front man for a three-ring circus.

    I'm fine with him being th GM, but he has to be much less visible.

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    It's official then. :confused:
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    Gruden is a circus move. People are deluded if they think he would change the culture in Dallas.
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    this I agree with... there is a lot about Payton I am troubled with (lack of adjustments, playcalling, time mgmt) but there is an element to him that has not had time to be fully implemented yet and is a positive for this team (some being player respect, ability to work with other coaches, and building of a team of leaders).

    I said I agree with Jobberone here but more because we know Jerry and he will not be ready to throw in the towel on JG. He will wait it out and see what progresses, especially when the core players like Romo, Witten, Ware, etc... do not have time at their age to rebuild again to a new coach and offense.

    I believe the day we see a new coach is the day Jerry and this team will be in full blown rebuilding mode.

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