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Discussion in 'CowboysZone Awards (2010)' started by DallasEast, Jun 20, 2010.

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  4. Zaxor

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    without a doubt it is my friend Hostile just check the post count people
  5. pupulehaole

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  6. Chief

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  10. Future

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    the award should probably be dedicated to Reality...
  11. dadymat

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  12. theogt

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    This award should just be named the WoodysGirl award.
  13. BehindEnemyLinez

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  14. BrAinPaiNt

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    Hostile - I don't think people realize how much stuff he does behind the scenes...let alone appreciate the time and effort he puts into the history section, putting in all the cowboys birthdays and days in history. It is a great deal of work. Plus making all of the threads for all of the draft picks prior to the draft. Approving each new member and I could go on and on and on. He does a lot of stuff for this site that has nothing to do with posting.

    WoodysGirl - Doing the daily articles. She has had help here and there with it but has done the bulk of that all by herself but I vow to start helping her again once more news starts coming in...Sorry WG.:eek::

    TrickBlue - Pretty much all of the icons and emoticons were done by Trick. Now he did that in the past but it is still so much that it still qualifies him for this award IMO.

    Reality - Without him there would be no zone. Just that simple. And although there are plenty that help run the zone, plenty that give money to help support the zone...the bulk of it still comes down to him as I can only guess that although the donations help, they probably come nowhere near close enough to pay for this site on a monthly or yearly basis.

    CBZ40 - Gone but never forgotten and you would never find anyone with more class. He was also someone that will tell it like it was to any of us if he felt we were getting too grumpy. I truly miss him. Actually he deserves his own award. If it makes me sound like a wimp or drama queen so be it, but there are times I still get a little water in the old eyes thinking about him.

    This is not to leave out or in anyway belittle any of the other posters or mods on the site but any of the above truly deserve the award.
  15. ethiostar

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  16. RS12

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    I had pretty much figured what you are saying about Hostile and told him so in a PM, his daily contributions you pointed out, not to mention some of the posts he has to deal with on a daily basis that would make your eyes bleed.

    I was not aware exactly of who was mainly responsible for the existance of the site. Now that I know it is Reality, all I can say is thanks and you just made my top 3 contibutors nomination.:laugh2:
  17. Zaxor

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    by a great poster and person thanks Brain you are another who deserves much praise
  18. jterrell

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  19. jterrell

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    I pretty much disqualify those folks because they ARE the site:)
    I'd rate Hos and Reality far beyond "poster" status. If nothing else the consistency and stamina required to run this place so long is like an act of God.

    But they certainly deserve a hearty thanks!
  20. Rampage

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    cowboy joe

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