News: Norm Hitzges: Five Key Plays You May Not Remember

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Vman, Sep 12, 2005.

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    Norm: Here we go - every Monday's feature and its entitled 'Five Keys Plays You May Not Remember' - made a significant impact on yesterday's Cowboy game. These are almost always done, Mark (Freido), from the viewpoint of plays that affected the winning or losing of the game. In fact - things that could have turned the game for good.

    Norm: Here we go. Key play number one that you may have forgotten - made a huge impact on the game. Its late in the first quarter and San Diego leads 7 to nothing. Dallas has 3rd and 9 at their own 21. Now San Diego's pretty much controlled the first 10-12 minutes of this game. And Dallas is facing 3rd and long. And they throw a slant to Patrick Crayton on 3rd and 9. He grabs it and zips over the 30, over the 35, over the 40, over the 45 and fumbles the football! And he fumbles it in a crowd of Chargers. And the ball bounces right back to him! Enormous play! Dallas - a few plays later - has their tying touchdown. Imagine the momentum of the game here if San Diego has 1st and 10 at mid-field. Which is where they would of had the ball. But instead, its a 7-7 game.

    Norm: Next, its early second quarter, the score is tied 7-7, and Anthony Henry intercepts a ball at the San Diego 35 yard line. And Dallas runs for 2. And Dallas runs for 5. And they face a critical 3rd and 3 at the San Diego 28. If they don't get the first down, that leaves Cortez trying about a 45 or 46 yard field goal. If I'm in Vegas, I know where my chips are going. But anyway, San Diego decides - let's get after them. And they blitz. And they've got Bledsoe. And Bledsoe has to move a little bit to his right - which he's not good at. And just as he's being hit, he sidearms the ball to Jason Witten. A terribly unconevntional throw for Bledsoe, who's the classic cock-and-fire quarterback - Michael Vick makes plays like that! Okay? Vince Young makes plays like that. Drew Bledsoe doesn't make sidearm throws while being hung on to - okay? He hits Witten. Witten zips down to the 16 yard line and two plays later Dallas has a 14-7 lead. If that play isn't made, its 7-7, and Dallas is hoping they can hit a long field goal or if Bledoe is sacked, Dallas is punting the ball. Instead, it's a lead.

    Norm: Third Quarter. 21-14 Chargers. Dallas faces - they've had a penalty. Put them back to 2nd and 15 and then they throw a little ball to the outside to Crayton to get the five yards back. They face 3rd and 10 at their own 20. This is very much a momentum situation. San Diego down 14-7, scored to tie it at the half - came out to take the lead in the 3rd quarter. In other words, they took the momentum into the lockerroom and took the momentum out of the lockerroom - and put 14 points on the board. And here's Dallas, 3rd and 10 at its own 20 and the momentum's gone. If San Diego can stop 'em here, they're gonna get the ball back outside their own 40 yard line for certain. Bledsoe is sacked. Oh, Geez! - Castillo hits the side of Bledsoe's helmet. It was without question, a blow to the head. Without question. Castillo had no intention of making a blow to the head. All he was doing was putting a hand up, hoping he could bat the pass if Bledsoe was about to throw it. But that may have been the most critical play of the entire football game. Because instead of punting out of their own endzone, seven plays after that penalty, Dallas has a touchdown to tie the game.

    Norm: Fourth key play. Third quarter - its 21-21. San Diego is 3rd and 3 at the Dallas 10 yard line. 3rd and 3. I know what's coming. I know exactly what's coming. LT is coming. False start penalty on San Diego. Now, Tomlinson becomes far less an option at the 15 yard line. They pass. Its incomplete. And they settle for a short Kaeding field goal instead of what could have been first and goal inside the Cowboys 10 or - maybe they don't get it, maybe they go for it on fourth down - but that play created a situation that helped the Dallas defense.

    Norm: Now, let's go to the fifth key play in the game. The fifth key play in the game for me was a series of plays. The fifth key play for me was those four plays that San Diego had from the Dallas 7 in the last minute. In which they threw four incomplete passes. I know the newspaper says they had 47 seconds to go. That's not true. Parker was down with a minute and a half to go. San Diego then - they took time to mark the ball - and then San Diego starts to come to the line of scrimmage and then back to the huddle and then came back to the line of scrimmage - realizing 'we've got time here.' But they had one other thing. They had time to use LaDainian Tomlinson. If they'd of gotten up to the line of scrimmage in a brisk manner, and snapped that ball with a minute to go, they could have run Tomlinson at least twice in that series! They had a time-out left. They had a time-out left. They could have run Tomlinson at least twice. But for me, that series became the extremely broad picture of the second half. The game was 14-14 at half-time. Tell me how many touches LaDainian Tomlinson got in the second half?

    Freido: He's the best player on the field. It had to be - what - 12-13?

    Norm: Come down.

    Freido: 10? 9?

    Norm: Come down.

    Freido: 7?

    Norm: 7! LanDainian Tomlinson - the pretty much consensus best back in the NFL - gets 7 touches?!?! Who the hell's calling plays in San Diego?!?! I'm sorry, but with Antonio Gates out - who is your number two best offensive player - if you don't give it to your number one best offensive player - and you don't have a number one wide receiver - McCardell's a nice player but he's not a number one wide receiver - you're actually throwing to what amounts to your fourth best offensive player. Did you know they never threw Tomlinson a pass yesterday?!? Never!! He's a wonderful receiving back! How in the world can you only get LaDainian Tomlinson 7 touches in the second half?!?! Now, this is not reflective on the Cowboys at all. It was like trying to find Waldo in the second half?!? Where's Waldo?!?! You do the Cowboys defense an enormous favor when you don't get the ball to Tomlinson!
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    Considering they were getting stuffed in the second half when they ran the ball, and getting good yards passing cause there was not much pressure on Brees i think the play calling was apropriate. Give the dallas defense some credit for playing the run well.
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    Really nice recaps Vman, thanks.
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    I don't care for Norm.
    But he is right.

    Those plays were very key in our victory and we did have alot of things go our way (luckily) that had nothing to do with our play.

    We still have alot of rough edges to smooth out because we are NOT going to get those calls every Sunday.
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    7 touches in the second half - that is dumb playcalling! its a team game, but the players can't perform if they dont' get the opportunity. coaching is a big part of our victory, and kudos to our staff and Payton for getting the ball in the hands of our playmakers.
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    And yet Dallas was being stuffed by the run blitz and still kept running the ball. And if you recall, the last TD drive we got stuffed a coupleof times. But Jones ran off a 9 yard run to the left, even with our failures before.

    The mistake the Chargers made was abandoning Thomlinson.
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    While a lot of things did go our way, remember that we still had to take advantage of them. Last year, we still would not have scored.
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    well, i thought they would have tried passing to him. As for running him more, i remember they were getting placed in 3rd and long often, but how many times did Brees just sit back there forever and then step up and complete a pass for a first down ? im not sure the outcome would have been different if they ran the ball more, we will never know, but the cowboys sure did a nice job containing the run, except for the opening drive. I was definitely more worried when Brees set up to pass then when he was handing the ball off.
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    I did notice that we blitzed a lot that game. I was sitting there just waiting for them to throw some screen passes to LT on one of those and it never happened once. I'd heard that San Diego was good at those and I question our ability to defend it very well with a young, aggresive defense. And even though we were stuffing the run there is no reason not to give it to LT at least once at the end of the gaame there.
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    Realized that too. We somehow managed to take LT out of the game. His stat line throughout the game wasn't that impressive, but he did make some big plays that kept drives alive
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    Oh no. What happened in Dallas when Emmitt had 23 yards in the first half. We came out and ran Emmitt another 20 times and he ended up with 120 yrads. If you have an Emmitt, JJones, LT, Campbell, Faulk, Holmes give em the ball and let em pound it out.

    I agree with Norm on this one. They abandoned their best player at the wrong time. LT can break it from anywhere at anytime.
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    Key play #927: Here we go .. Remember .. just remember .. those two touchdown catches that were thrown straight to a wide open McCardell? Just think .. if they had been thrown a few feet to the left or right, he wouldn't have caught them. Just think if Brees had thrown those two passes to Cowboys players instead of McCardell, the game wouldn't have even been close. Just think if LT had fumbled the ball on that first possession. Just think ...

    Man I hate people who talk about what-if's on past events .. it's over .. the Cowboys won. For better or worse, they won. The game was played for 60 minutes and the Cowboys had the highest score when it ended. It's over .. get over it .. move along .. worry about next week .. enjoy today.

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    yeah, thats fine if the passing game isnt working, but Brees was doing ok and they were moving the ball on us just fine, the run was going no where and they were able to pass with ease at times, also remember we held the ball a lot of the second half so that had something to do with it too.

    Now i do think they should have used LT when they had 1st and goal, maybe even twice down there. But my commenets where directed more at the chargers play calling for the whole second half cause norm was saying LT only got 7 carries the whole second half.

    How many posessions did they have in the second half, only 4 !!!!!

    they had 2 possessions in 3rd quarter and they scored TD and FG, not bad play calling IMO. They had to seetle for FG cause false start penalty put them in 3rd and 8, no i wouldnt run LT on 3rd and 8.

    4th quarter they had 1 possession where they went 3 and out and they did run LT on 2nd down.

    Next possession they are down by 4 with 3 minutes left, they moved the ball to Dallas 7 by passing. with still over a minute left, thats pretty good play calling. So i can agree that SD should have given LT a shot during that 1st and goal series from the seven. But to say they had bad offense play calling for the second half, i just dont see that.
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    How in the world can u not remember those plays, "5 key plays u probably wont remember." These plays are still very fresh in my mind, how can any cowboy fan not remember these plays. give me a break. what an idiot. Norm gets on my nerves. its over the cowboys won. thats it end of story.
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    Yeah, at the very least I was expecting something like (just an example, didn't happen) "Remember when Terry Glenn's shoe came untied and Crayton went in the game and caught the touchdown?" or at least something that the average person wouldn't have seen and remembered.

    Instead we get .. Remember when Henry intercepted that pass? When Keyshawn caught those two touchdown passes? When Aaron Glenn intercepted the ball at the end of the game? It seems that Norm is just .. well .. "the norm" ..

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    :laugh1: :bow:
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    This win is indicative of the 2003 Cowboys. It's a bit of genuine talent and a whole lot of luck... But then again, winners do make their own luck. Look at the Patriots. They blur the line between luck and talent, and they've done it for 5 years. If the Boys can keep it going, they'll ride it all the way to the playoffs.
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    LT was needed to pass block- that is why he did not get any catches. The only one thrown to him was a deliberate spike since Spears was looking him right in the eye at the time.
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    While the Chargers did move the ball fairly well through the air, the lack of screen passes and/or throws to Tomlinson in the flat - are glaring errors in playcalling, IMO

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