Norm keeps it real/Nate talks loss/BAD Radio likes Spears - 8/18/08

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Aug 18, 2008.

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    Norm keeps it real
    Nate talks loss to Broncos
    BAD Radio likes Spears


    I completely agree with Norm.

    I am not panicing, but I am taking notice and I need to see this team play smart and clean cut football against the Texans.

    Nate's right, 'no time is a good time' to see the starters playing sloppy football.

    Spears has been playing well. I still think he's losing his DE job, but that's ok because he will still see a lot of playing time.
  2. Double Trouble

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    Norm's 100% right.

    The cool-aid drinkers were saying the same thing last December that they're saying now.
  3. dbair1967

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    I dont see the practices and have only seen the two preseason games, but I dont see what anyone could be seeing in those games to think Spears deserves to be losing his starting job...he's been the best DL by far IMO, and definitely by far the best DE

    if they move him to NT or make him a backup DE, I hope it works...but man I just dont see it right now...he's been the most active DL and has consistently got into the backfield

  4. EPL0c0

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    No Marcus Dixon?

    or is Marcus Smith = Marcus Dixon?
  5. Hostile

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    No, Marcus Smith is a DE from University of Arizona that I remain amazed is still on the roster.
  6. dbair1967

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    Dixon has hardly practiced and has not played in either preseason game

    Smith is TC fodder

  7. cowboyrock

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    Norm hit the nail on the head. he said what i have been posting on this board and got blasted for.thank you just put in words what i have been saying for the longest time.i love what Norm said.the everything is fine crowd need to listen to this.
  8. 28 Joker

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    In my opinion, if you want to get a feel for how your team is going to play, you need to wait for at least the second game of the year. If you play that first game and have some mistakes and make those same mistakes in the second game, then you might be on to something. I knew good and well that Dallas' secondary was better than they played in Jacksonville in the 2006 opener. They came out the next week and played great against Washington. Finally, after the 2005 opener at S.D., expectations for Dallas went up. However, the second game against Washington showed you that Dallas' offense could struggle some against a good, blitzing defense. Dallas' offense really struggled to put up points consistently, and they had to grind drives out. The 28 points they put up at S.D., really wasn't the "state of the union".

    Dallas is trying to get things tuned up for the season. Phillips did go 13-3 during the season by doing things his way. The Colts didn't win a game in the pre-season the year they won the Super Bowl. Prior to that Super Bowl, they had a disappointing playoff history. The Colts lost more than the two playoff games Dallas has lost. In fact they were bounced out, with a 13-3 record, by the Titans in the divisional round. Elway was the number one seed in 1996, and they were bounced at home by the Jaguars in the divisional round. They came back and won back to back Super Bowls.

    These players have not been playing for "twelve years". It is a young team. They probably don't care about this "twelve year streak". They care about ending their two year skid. Saying that this team "can't flip the switch" makes it sound like they are taking things for granted or not trying. You have the pre-season, so you can get the kinks out. The third pre-season game is the one where you want to look good. In fact, Dallas didn't play well in the third preseason game last year. When Phillips and Garrett start really showing their hand about what they want to do this year, you can rest assured the "switch will be flipped". I think you will see Philadelphia get some things you have not seen before.

    I'll tell you this, too. Dallas kicked Denver's you know what during those practices and in the game last year. John Lynch whined about some of the things Dallas' defense did and other coaches did as well, evidently. Last week was more important for Denver than Dallas. Denver was really up for it, just like Dallas was last year when they were learning new systems on offense and defense. Dallas will be ready to play when the season starts. Will they be perfect in game one? Probably not, but I think they will win a tough game at Cleveland.

    LOL at Dallas finishing last. The only way that happens is injuries, and they would be bad ones.

    Plus, LOL at Pacman being a third corner or a good number 2. He was a star at Tennessee at CB in 2006. (5.4 YPA in 2006; 8th in the NFL) Some people in the Dallas mass media don't get how good this guy can be at CB, because they have not seen him play every week. Pacman can be 1b in Dallas at CB. If Pacman plays with his 2006 mojo, you have two number one CBs, not one (Newman). He is only 24 years old. Pacman should have been in the Pro Bowl in 2006. They need to go back and talk to the Jaguars, Giants, and that one other team that I can't think of right now, because Pacman pretty much sealed those teams' fate with interceptions, touchdowns, and huge plays at cornerback.
  9. DallasDW00ds0n

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    he also sealed the Philly game
  10. 28 Joker

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    I'll tell you what, D.C. Fanatic. You probably already know this, but these guys can/will be the difference for Dallas this year:

    Anthony Spencer
    Zach Thomas
    Mike Jenkins
    Felix Jones
    Miles Austin (? now with injury)

    Wild Card

    Orlando Scandrick

    These guys should be the difference in the division.

    When Pacman gets his mojo going at CB, and when Jenkins gets broken in good, Dallas is going to be very, very, very, and I mean very much improved at CB. Wade needs to find a way to get Scandrick on the field, too.

    The time for Anthony Spencer is now. He is out now, but at some point (at least by October), Wade has to start this guy. He can be a star, but you have to play him. I really think that getting big time play out of Spencer is going to be a key to winning this division and winning a playoff game.

    Felix Jones has the talent and ability to be a super-star. I saw him play many, many times at Arkansas. He is a player in the mold of Marshall Faulk. Would you want Faulk returning kicks? Not me. I don't think he did it with the Rams, and L.T. doesn't do it. Now, it may be tempting to sneak him back there in the division games or playoffs. However, if he gets hurt, you could ruin him. That guy hit Tyson Thomson when he was out of bounds and broke his leg. Now, you can get hurt on every play, but returning kicks is a dangerous job.

    I can't fault Dallas for not wanting him doing it. Felix is going to be a monster in Dallas if he stays healthy. It is like Garret said, "Felix is a special back". He is a super star waiting to happen.
  11. 28 Joker

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    Yes. He got them with a long punt return for 6. It was 90 yards. I went back and looked. He picked sixed the Jaguars one time (an 83 YD return), and he picked Manning and Burress to set up the game winning field-goal and had two picks in that game.

    I thought he had both pick sixes against the Jags. I went back to be sure and Chris Hope had the second one. Nevertheless, Pacman put seven points on the board first when it looked like the Jaguars were going to take the 7-0 lead. Plus, Pacman broke up the last play in the endzone on a pass to Matt Jones. He jumped up and made a great leaping play to knock the ball away when they tried to go over the top of him. The Titans won 24-17.

    Also, Pacman had a 53 yard punt return for a TD against the Texans. I thought it was a pick, but it was a punt.
  12. CrazyCowboy

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    Spears seems to have a pop in his step....but, it is early
  13. CATCH17

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    Norm contradicts himself about 5 times.

    The San Diego game the 1st units looked great.

    The 2nd game they looked like they were ready to head back to Dallas and had a lot of penalties.

    Calm down Norm because guess what... It is going to be alright.
  14. davey999

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    Norm is right. What makes everyone (including them) think - "everything will be alright"? This team hasn't earned that attitude.

    They've plenty to prove.
  15. Seven

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    He's letting some know just how bad Akin was.
  16. newlander

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    QFT Double Trouble. Plus, every single team on our schedule this year will be ready for us. Face it, we snuck up on people last season. Won't be the case this season. I see 11-5 and 2nd place in the division. BUT, that doesn't mean we won't go to the promised land. We play awfully tight at home in big games. However: going to the Meadowlands in Dec. isn't a recipe for success either.
  17. Chocolate Lab

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    Norm was screaming doom after almost every one of our WINS last year, so I'm not surprised he's screaming it after a couple of preseason losses.
  18. khiladi

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    I'm thinking the same thing. The perception of Spears may partially be the fault of Akin, who never sniffed the back-field through the containment of certain OL' men created by players like Spears.

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