North Carolina quarterback T.J. Yates and other draft sleepers.

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    2011 NFL Draft Sleepers: Quarterbacks
    February 21st, 2011 | 1 Comment
    Andy Dalton, TCU
    I’m not sure if he qualifies for this list or not, just because he has shot up the boards here lately, but I’ll go ahead and put him on here. A true leader, Dalton was also a four-year starter at TCU where he only lost three games. While his arm accuracy and strength are certainly above average, and his footwork is very good, he has a few things to work on if he wants to become anywhere near productive in the NFL. His biggest flaw is his release. His three-quarters release will concern any team looking at him, and not knowing how to run a pro offense will not help either.

    Greg McElroy, Alabama
    McElroy’s leadership is like nothing I have ever seen before. His intangibles are through the roof, and as a mid-round pick, I think this guy could be one of the best values at that point. He knows how to manage a game with the best of them and has a football IQ that cannot be questioned. There are plenty of question marks, but his style should translate into the NFL very, very easily. There is a lot to like about McElroy, and he is definitely one I am looking for if I feel like taking a chance on some quarterback.

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