Norv Turner going to Cleveland as OC?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Coy, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. SkinsandTerps

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    They are just another .500 team.

    Ratings have nothing to do with that. The Redskins and Steelers draw ratings when they are bad too. Perhaps not to the level of the Cowboys...but look at the matchups. Cowboys are one of the most hated teams in sports. Some people watch the games to watch them lose.
  2. Mr Cowboy

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    P. Schrager ‏@PSchrags
    Here's what I know on CLE situation-- Chud is HC, Norv is coming with him, Norv's son Scott Turner is too...D will move to a 3-4 scheme
  3. 187beatdown

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    Cleveland would take meddling Jones in a heartbeat if it meant actually getting to .500 once every 20 years.
  4. morasp

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    Has there been anything but speculation that we are getting a new playcaller?
  5. Redball Express

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    This team is a punch-drunk mess.

    It took Jerry Brown to die for goodness sake for the team to "come together" at the end of the season and we still dumped out.

    As Parcells are what your record says you are.


    If this were a new franchise just starting out in the NFL that would be reason to celebrate. We are far from that.

    Norv was passed over for HC whe nJerrah hired Phillips. Why would he want to come back now and take over OC..?

    I do not think he's coming here.

    Not even sure we need him. Aren't there any other good up and cominfg potential OC candidates that want to step up..? Has to be.

    :starspin RedBaLL ExPreSS:starspin
  6. Boys122

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    I'm not denying the fact that JG shouldn't be fired but I don't see Jerry firing him now, especially after he made Jason call Rob to fire him on his cell phone.

    Jason is as much of the blame as Rob with his poor play calling and bad decision making. I believe Jerry keeps Garrett for one more year to prove himself. Now, all this talk about stripping his play calling would make sense to hire Gruden. Having said this I'm not 100% convinced he'll keep'em for 2013. I'm about 80% sure. :laugh2:
  7. Mansta54

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    Maaaaan he says the same old crap over n over n over n over again. Smh!!
  8. dfense

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    So Norv would rather go to a place with no QB?
  9. diehard2294

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    Get ready for Callahan being named as the full time OC and play caller.. Its lining up perfectly. Then Garrett can still have some say
  10. scrives

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    If Norv is going to Cleveland Browns, I believe the following may happen:

    Either Saprano will come in to coach Oline and Callahan will take over as OC and Play caller.


    Jason will turn to Cam Camron. People will be upset but Cam jus did not forget how to Oc after all these years. The Ravens were in the AFC Championship last year after all. One of these two will happen. Get ready and mark it down!!!
  11. CowboysPhan

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    You don't think the head coach could "have some say" no matter who the OC was? He might or might not choose to have input, but any HC is going to have some say if he chooses. Frankly I'd be shocked if he didn't, since he's been the OC for several years he's not going to want to just turn it completely loose without any input.
  12. Gaede

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    Good. I don't any more 90s throwbacks. Time to move forward not backward.
  13. Boys122

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    I have no idea what Jerruh's next move will be, but according to him it'll be uncomfortable.

    Something has to be done on the offense. Who and what is anyone's guess. I'm thinking now that Norv is heading to Cleveland that it might be Chan Gailey. Why? I have no idea. Trying to figure out Jerruh is like trying to figure out the Rubik's cube.
  14. Hostile

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    Celibacy sucks.
  15. Boys122

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    You'd be surprised what Norv can do with Weeden. Think about it Cleveland's offensive line is pretty good. He has Trent Richardson to for the run game.

    Cleveland with Chud and Norv with that defense they have already will be a much improved team. JMO.
  16. HoustonFrog

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    Here is some talk on that scenario
  17. hutch1254

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    For those of us who want to see the run game established a bit better than what we've had lately, keep this in mind. Cam did not utilize Ray Rice very well. In fact, Ravens winning against Pittsburgh earlier this year, Ray Rice did not touch the ball one time in the 4th quarter. Ravens wound up losing the game.

    That's all I need to know.
  18. DBOY3141

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    Heck no to Cam Cameron. Rather go with Callahan.
  19. JoeyBoy718

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    I know Sparano is a good O-line coach but how would he do as an OC?
  20. Boys122

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    I dunno he didn't do that well with the Jets. Who knows. I don't see what he can do better than Callahan with our OL either. We need more talent.

    There's Tyron Smith and a huge drop off after that.

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