Norv Turner to be fired

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jblaze2004, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Has Jerry ever let any HC pick their full staffs, if I remember right Jerry had Garret hired prior to the wade Phillips hiring. Since Johnson left I think the big tuna got to pick his staff. But my point was if Jerry does this and always is undermining his head coaches, which I feel he does, Norv would be a good pick up for us. I've begrudgingly conceded that Jerry will always be meddling and hurt the authority of his head coaches, so we might as well get a good catch for it. I wish Jerry wasn't like this and stayed within his ownership role and hired a head coach and leave the head coach alone. I agree with you a 100% that would be the best thing for Dallas. But none of his behavior the last 3-5 years gives me any hope for that.
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    Fair enough. This is exactly why I feel so many great coaches will never want to deal with our Franchise. Parcells was different because he was/is a legend and Jerry fought the urge to meddle with his time with the team. I just pray that when Stephen's time comes to be King of Dallas that he tries to avoid many/most of the practices of dear ol' daddy. One can only hope.
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    Garrett's not the issue. Norv would definitely be valuable as an OC here.

    There are no HC's available who can instantly turn this lump of coal team into a diamond. It takes time. It also takes better drafts and better FA player evaluation. You can't go dumpster diving for Livings and Bernadette Peters and think you're OL is ready to go.
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    Norv is just like Wade...a better coordinator and teacher than a head coach. Neither should try again. Norv will get picked up by someone quick as an OC. I'm just hoping Jerry doesnt pull one if his moves where he fires Garrett and then brings in Norv because its comfortable. That would be typical.
  5. Joe Rod

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    I can't see Norv coming in as OC, but I can see him coming in as a Consultant. Someone to help mentor Garrett. Also, unlike Dan Reeves, I suspect Norv would punch that clock. I am not saying that would help, but I am saying I don't see Norv coming in under Garrett.
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    Even for Parcells amd before he decided to retire, Jerry hired JG as his OC.
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    Garrett is not giving up the play calling, how many times does the FO have to say it?
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    I would really love a new offensive direction
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    visionary's referring to the imaginary massive support for Jason Garrett among Cowboy fans, in case you guys were wondering.

    And I can help you with that pesky quote feature if you'd like, v. Just pm me if you need pointers because it can be tricky.
  12. Idgit

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    I don't think he would, either, and I don't think Norv wants the Dallas OC position. But Norv's the one guy I could see the team theoretically bring in in that capacity. And then, only because he's a better play caller than Jason *and* he happens to be someone JG respects immensely who could add to the chemistry of the staff in ways over and above play calling. But it makes no sense to bring him in if you're not going to let him call plays.
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    Norvs offense sucks as much as ours. Do you people watch the NFL or are you basing your opinions off of Norval from the 90's?
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    Can't think of a response I wouldn't have to moderate myself for here. :)
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    The pro Garrett people seem to know what's going on in the background.
  16. houstonwhodat

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    Stupidest move they ever made getting rid of Brees. Rivers is not even close.

    BTW, you still may get Sean Payton before it's all over with. There are reports from Jim Henderson the voice of the Saints that SP will not be back.

    Who knows.....
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    I don't like the move but I do think it is a possibility. Norv likes Jason and if he wants to keep working, this would be a decent fit for him. Likely he'd come as a "consultant" or something.
  18. Supercowboy1986

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    I have kind of gone back and forth on this but I do think it would be a pretty good idea. someone mentioned wade being a better DC then HC so i think its possible for Norv to have that kind of success here. Actually I think Norv would be at an advantage because he already runs the same offense so there would not be a learning curve and it would get the play calling away from Garrett, which I am sure everyone is on board with that outcome even if Norv doesn't take the OC position.
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    I suggest u go look at SDs offensive stats over the entire tenure.
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    And yet we can't find any coach who would say Jones undermined them, meddled or the like.

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