Norv Turner to be fired

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jblaze2004, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. noshame

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    If we go 6-10 Garrett is gone. That's a major step backwards and you don't let it go further.

    If you believe in Romo, you want Reid, if you want to draft a QB with a strong accurate arm, you take Norv.
  2. HoustonFrog

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    Probably a clause that they can't discuss it.
  3. RXP

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    That's exactly what people are doing. They hear names who were here in the 90's and want them back in the hopes that it becomes 1993 all over again.

    These same people ignore the fact that Norv Turner has been a complete and utter failure since the day he walked out of Valley Ranch. The 20 years since then never happened. Just come back to Dallas and it will be the Triplets dominating the league all over again.

    They don't let things like facts and reality get in their way.
  4. RXP

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    One can only hope. If Garrett is to be replaced, Payton is the only guy I would be interested in.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    If anyone wants to sack him after such a small sample size of head coaching they have a screw loose :tongue:

    Looks like it. IF you want to see it. Some do not.


    Norm, like Wade. Good coordinators ONLY. He could only help.
  6. iceberg

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    yea, that must be it. anything to keep the hate alive.


    people put a lot of "hate" into things that are not certain.
  7. Beast_from_East

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    The happy fans can deny it all they want, but if we go 6-10 dropping our last 4 games in a row...............going to be a hard sell to keep Red Ball.

    Now I am not saying it is a given he is going to be fired, all I am saying is that if we lose out and go 6-10 its going to be very, very, very difficult for Jerry to sell the fans the idea that Garrett is the guy to fix this mess.

    Most fans are not going to be very receptive to the idea of Garrett coming back if we lose out. I know I am not going to be blowing C-notes at Jerry World if Garrett is still on the sideline next year if we tank out.
  8. cml750

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    If more fans would quit putting money in Jerry's pocket via merchandise and tickets, it may get his attention. I know I will not spend a dime on this team until we either make a coaching change or start having success under Garrett. Since I have a lot of doubt we will ever have success under Garrett based on what I have seen, then it will more than likely take a coaching change for me to open my wallet!
  9. Idgit

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    If we lose all 16 the following season, it'll be even tougher to justify bringing him back next year. Can you imagine what that would be like, after losing 20 straight?
  10. TTexasTT

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    Hello SETX neighbor.
    I suspect that if of "fans" stop buying gear and tickets it wont even be noticed. The brand itself is just so popular it will always huge numbers. Jerry world is the place to be on Sundays, I imagine that half of those at the game, buying the crap, dont keep up with the team on any kind of a regular basis.

    Also, a little off topic, but there must have been some real hardcore fans there last week. I was pleased with how loud the crowd got.
  11. cml750

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    I completely missed the game last week. I had to fly to Virginia for a business trip. My flight left late Sunday. First game I have not watched or at least listened to on the radio that I can remember.

    BTW- Where do you live?
  12. TTexasTT

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    Perhaps you sould fly to Virginia again Sunday.

    I live in the downtown metro area of Bridge City.
  13. popp1234

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    Yeah, and his name is Jerral Wayne Jones Sr....
  14. DenCWBY

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    I think he's being sarcastic. At lease I hope he is.
  15. Aven8

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    Please make this happen. No offense, but we want our guy back that we should have never let leave.
  16. Picksix

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    Doesn't mean it isn't happening. Every once in a while, you might get a coach to bad mouth a former boss, but it's rare. The NFL is a pretty tight knit fraternity, and most don't want to get a reputation as someone who likes to burn bridges, especially when the guy paid him millions of dollars.

    Listen to Jerry's radio interviews, when they get around to talking about players and their roles. Very often it's "I". "I" like this player in this role, "I" envision so-and-so doing that. It's rarely "we".
  17. Kilyin

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    Word is Chargers may get rid of Rivers too.

    Do you think he's better than Romo? I don't. I thought it was interesting though, that Rivers has almost the same numbers as Rapistburger in almost 2 entire seasons less games (backup for Brees)

  18. jbravo316

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    Jerry does and he has lots of loose screws. :laugh2:
  19. lane

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    nah man..

    they do not appear tight .
  20. 17yearsandcounting

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    Stats are misleading. Its clear that his offense isnt working as it should.

    Maybe the better question is with Norv and Jason both looking like clowns, is the air coryell irrelevant?

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