Not as far away as many think

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Champsheart, Nov 14, 2012.

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    Look this team has driven me crazy, no doubt, holding on to hope and feelings of nothing will change. But when I look at this team it just is not as far away as many think. Granted this team is not elite, Garrett has to be better in game mangment situaions, BUT WE ARE STILL PLAYING FOR SOMETHING, if this team CAN capitolize on it.

    4-5 looks bad and an uphill climb. But these 5 losses are to very good teams.
    Giants - 6-4 - and have beat them
    Atlanta - 8-1 and at their place
    Seattle - 6-4 and at their place where they are 5-0
    Baltimore - 7-2 and at their place
    Chicago - 7-2 maybe the best defense in football

    The difference to being good or a contender is winning 2 or 3 of these games, and we almost did, a kick and a finger. We are not far away.

    We need Costa and Murray back and playing down the stretch, this team is better with both.

    Our schedule goes from one of if not the hardest to now some relief.

    Granted it seems every dang game is a dogfight for this team no matter who we play, welcome to the NFL.

    Our 2 hardest games left are New Orleans and Pittsburgh, both at home. We need one of these.

    This team with Murray and Costa can win the NFC EAST, it is there for them.

    For the future this defense is really building something. We need a playmaking safety and a D-lineman who can make and impact and this D will be special.

    The offense needs solid beef inside and Callahan to keep coaching them and we need a 3rd WR to step up. If the interior of the line can be upgraded we can live with Free outside and Tyron will only get better.

    While many have no hope for now or the future, it is not as bad as we think.

    No predictions, because this team is hard to put full confidence in because you just never know what they are going to do to screw something up, HOWEVER it is within their potential to win the EAST, it is there, I clearly hope they grasp it.:star:

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