Notable people lost to us in 2012

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Phoenix, Dec 26, 2012.

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    Depends on the family. Most of mine are a bunch of freeloading deadbeats that have their hand out constantly. My wife and kids excluded of course.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with admiring people you do not know. I have found many inspiring people outside of my immediate circle. Maybe you need to broaden your horizons.
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    Entertainers die just like the rest of us. Especially the old ones and the druggies.
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    I don't think anyone said that they made a "greater impact" on their lives than their families. Only that they recognize that some of these "celebrities" have made an "impression" on them or that they have, directly or indirectly, benefited from their work/deeds when they were alive.

    You seem to have a limited capacity to appreciate all those who positivity contribute to your life in various capacities.

    I love my family and friends and they have a great impact in my life. My mother is my hero. Period. However, I recognize that my life is enriched by many more people than just them, almost all of whom i will never meet. The soldiers that have died to protect my freedom. Scientists and researchers that have contributed to the advancement of general knowledge, technology, medicine that we all benefit from. Entertainers whose work has enriched my childhood (Sesame Street, Dr. Seuss) and memories with friends and family (family movie nights, songs at weddings, etc...).

    There is nothing wrong with recognizing others for what they have added to your life, and society in general.
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    Dissing the notable deaths of 2012: I've seen this all the time.

    Unhappy, cynical people getting pleasure saying it's not worthwhile while feeling this exercise makes them more brilliant than the rest of us. Anyone can be a naysayer, and they rarely ever go down into history. Granted, a few of the notable deaths might be pegged into the Kim Kardashian category - what did they do? But most of these people did something - not whine.

    There are also people that did significant things that will leave quietly....publicity is not even or fair. One could argue Nikola Tesla did as much as Thomas Edison for example.

    The internet just enables people we otherwise would ignore in social settings that have a pessimistic outlook on life....the bumper sticker "Life sucks, then you die" comes to mind. My response to them is they don't speak for the rest of us!
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    :lmao2: :lmao:
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    a bit unnerving seeing so many people die that aren't much older then me.

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    Think what it feels like for those of us who are older than some of the people mentioned. ;)
    Many of those mentioned had an impact on our lives, whether we knew it or not. Some of the musicians mentioned created the sound we identified with weren't the headliners, but the people who shaped the sound of the music of our respective generations. Donald Dunn was hardly charismatic, but he was a good Bass player.
    Others mentioned are worthy for lvies well spent. The two Astronauts (Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride) were accomplished in their own right becuse of their space exploits, but would have been good role models even without those accomplishments. Armstrong's modesty was a tribute to everybody at NASA.
    There are few people on that list who I was not aware of, and the rest made contributions to a lot of lives and deserve a modicum of respect.

    Ethiostar, you said it best.

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    WOW, some of you guys... smh :D
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    There is a difference between idolizing someone and appreciating or admiring them for being good at their craft. Most rational people can separate the two. I grew up watching Andy Griffith and other family shows from that an era and have a lot of fond memories of watching them with my Dad.

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