Notes from Monster Park

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by ratpower, Sep 25, 2005.

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    First off, Cowboy fans were once again in full force... Boys fans were yelling offense chants when the defense chants came from SF fans...great moments by the ton of fans in the east end zone...

    Cool items included....
    Larry Allen getting in Jose's grill...
    Tucker and Gurode signing autos for a few fans 2hrs before kickoff.
    Burnett jumping around in warm ups like a little kid getting to play for the first time...
    Cortez coming out at halftime, all alone on the field with his football holding prop, practicing field goals....SF fans got a kick out of his crucial miss.
    Cortez booming a kick off and Ellis giving him a five (good captain move even though Cortez will most likely be gone this week).
    Seeing the SF fans cussing out the SF staff woman that does not let them in early
    Bill Parcells pulling out the red flag hesitating and putting it back just after the INT by SF on the sidelines. On the next play, SF rattles off a big play and all of us Cowboy fans at Monster were wondering why he did not challenge (I have not seen the replay yet).

    Cowboy fans being abused all game long since they were down but being able to have the last laugh...they got a taste of what we went through last week with the skins.
    The ROAR by Cowboy fans on the final Touchdown...
    Overall, it was great atmosphere, and the boys' showed resiliency today....First SD and now SF, two games I will remember for a long time....Now we just need to keep it up...
  2. Danny White

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    You guys represented! It was clear on the broadcast that Dallas was well represented there. Very very loud on key Dallas plays.

    BTW, Tuna was wise to keep the flag in his pocket on that play.
  3. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Thanks for the observations. Stockton and Johnston commented on the Cowboys having their fans there too.

    Bill didn't challenge the 3rd quarter INT because the 49er got both his feet in, it was a good catch.
  4. ratpower

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    Just saw the replay, glad he didn't do it then (we were all wrong up in the stands)...

    Good luck getting to the Seattle game..
  5. Joshmvii

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    Glenn was interfered with on that play anyway, but it was a nice catch by Parrish.
  6. jjalldaway21

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    There were also several fights. One involving 2 women and the crowd yelling
    "Take it Off" and another involving some guy in a Alex Smith jersey and 2 guys wearing a white Roy Williams jersey and another wearing a blue or grey one. Luckily for me, me and my family sat on the Cowboys side at 59 and we could see it all. Also did anyone notice that the scoreboard was 32-31 Dallas favor? It was like that for a while and they changed it back. It was a great game. I was late to the game because of traffic. Next time I won't be so late. See you guys at the Oakland game.
  7. ratpower

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    If you fly into Oakland, you shouldn't have much of a problem getting to the game, 5-10 minutes away on $2 shuttle...there were fights but farther away, we had a lot of old timers around wondering how we got tix, it was pretty mild, some heckling but pretty good natured...enjoy

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