Notes I've picked up from some pro days

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Typhus, Mar 14, 2006.

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    Here's a few notes I've picked up from some pro days over the past few days...

    Central Florida: Brandon Marshall - I love this kid. He's 6'4 225 lbs and ran a 4.55 40. He runs good routes as well. It's said he was very impressive in receiving drills. I think he's a 3rd round pick and could maybe slip into the 2nd.

    Missouri: Brad Smith - It's weird that he's not running drills at the WR position because he doesn't figure to be drafted as a QB. He lacks any type of accuracy to be a NFL QB. He confirmed his 40 time at the combine though when he ran another 4.46 at his pro day.

    Boise State: Daryn Colledge - He's beefed up to 302 lbs, but only added one more rep (22) to his bench press. I still think he's an early 3rd round pick. I guess he could slip into the late 2nd round.

    Texas A&M: Danieal Manning - He's from Abilene Christian, but he participated in pro day at A&M. He improved his 40 to a 4.43.

    LSU: Claude Wroten - He benched 225lbs 24 times, but appeared to pull a muscle when running his 40. He had a 2.87 through the first 20 yards so you have to figure he would've ran a 5.1 or 5.2 depending on how strong he would have finished. He might want to try to schedule another day to run so he can show scouts the injury wasn't a big deal. I'm really unsure about the heart of this guy. Some scouts have said it didn't look like it really was a pulled muscle, but that he just didn't want to run.

    Kyle Williams - He ran a 4.99 40 at 298lbs and looked very quick as well.

    Miami, FL.: Eric Winston - I hadn't seen any lifting numbers on him yet and I was a little underwhelmed when I saw he only did 22 reps. He has good size so a showing like that won't harm him like it would Daryn Colledge since he has that to fall back on. Regardless, one would like to see a better effort from him. Word is he struggled against bull rushes again in position drills.

    Roger McIntosh - He ran a 4.6 40. A very solid time for an OLB. He showed good quickness in agility drills as well.

    Kelly Jennings - He ran a phenomenal 3.96 in the 20-yard shuttle.

    Sinorice Moss - 41 vertical jump will help more teams look even further past his size.

    Orien Harris - 5.27 is pretty slow for a guy that's not quite 300 lbs. I think this lowers his stock some more. I can't decide where to put him.

    Leon Williams - I'm very impressed with him. He's 6'3 245 lbs and runs a 4.56 40. He ran a 4.06 20-yard shuttle at his pro day and had a 34 inch vertical. I think teams running the 3-4 will consider him late in round 2 as an ILB. I've moved him past Parham, Roach, and Hoyte and feel he is the best 3-4 ILB in the draft.

    Devin Hester - Hester ran a blazing 4.32 at his pro day. He's still a 2nd day selection to me because he probably won't ever be more than a punt returner.

    Marcus Maxey - 6'1 198lbs and ran a 4.42 40 at his pro day. He also repped 225 17 times. This should push him up the CB rankings a bit.

    Indiana: Ben Ishola - Ishola is a guy that most haven't heard of. He wasn't invited to the combine. He is a DE/OLB tweener and I think could be a steal for someone late in the draft if they want to develop him. He's 6'2 248 lbs and ran a 4.5 40. He repped 225 30 times and had a 31-inch vertical.

    Victor Adeyanju - 6'4 267 lbs DE that ran a 4.67 40. He could be an early 2nd day pick since he is also raw in talent.

    Oklahoma: Davin Joseph - A lot of NFL scouts raved about his position drills.

    Chris Chester - Was the talk of the pro day. Everyone seems to love his athleticism at 300 lbs.

    Dusty Dvoracek - He continues to move up draft boards. I have him going early 2nd round for sure now. 6'2 302 lbs and ran a 4.79 40. He repped 225 31 times at the combine as well. He showed good explosion and quickness in other drills as well.

    Florida: Chad Jackson - He didn't run again, but was said to be very impressive in receiving drills.

    Dee Webb - Confirmed his 40 times at his pro day. (4.41)

    Notre Dame - Anthony Fasano - 4.71 40 and was impressive in receiving drills.

    Maurice Stovall - Improved his 40 to a 4.54. This should keep him in the 2nd round.

    Matt Shelton - He ran a 4.54 and then a 4.41 40, but refused to do it a third time to help solve the discrepancy. I think that's a bad move on his part. It's hard to believe a 4.41 after you run a 4.54 without stumbling the first time.
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    Thanks for the info!
    You touched on a number of players I personally like as well.

    Brandon Marshall-I like this guy alot. To me he is more physical and has better upside then Maurice Stovall. This guy can go across the middle and catch the slants.

    Daniel Manning-If were are looking to upgrade teh safety position and are serious about that then we need to be looking at this guy. He can play some cb or FS. He wasn't happy about his first time in the forty and thought he would run in the 4.3's on his pro day. Dude was right.

    Kyle Williams-I like the way he plays. I know he may be a bad fit for our team with a 3-4 defense but when you watch LSU play Williams just always seems to be in the other teams backfield.

    Davin Joseph-the guy was a former wrestling champion and he knows how to use leverage in his blocking. I think this guy will be a solid pro.
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    This guy plays with a mean streak on the field and sometimes off of it!

    Nice job on the notes!
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    Davin Joseph- A Will Shields clone if I've ever seen one

    Marcus Maxey- Might be an option at FS very physical a poor mans Jason Allen or Micheal Huff.
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    We're talking about Leon Williams from Miami, right? The kid who was highly recruited out of NY but really failed to live up to expectations at the U?

    I didn't realize people felt he was even draftable. He's the prototypical "Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane" player. He's Omar Easy (you Penn State fans will know what I'm talking about) of the defensive side of the ball.

    Just don't let Jerry get a glimpse of him in the shower and we'll be fine.

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