Nothing in report caused Adams' death (had pot and booze)

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    GREENWOOD, S.C. -- A toxicology report shows defensive end Gaines Adams had marijuana and alcohol in his system when he died. But Greenwood County Coroner Jim Coursey says nothing found in the report contributed to Adams' death

    The report showed Adams had a blood-alcohol level of 0.021 percent. That's well below the 0.08 percent at which South Carolina drivers are considered intoxicated.
    The toxicology report was obtained by The Index-Journal of Greenwood through a Freedom of Information Act request and the results were published in Saturday's newspaper.
    The 26-year-old former Clemson standout died Jan. 17 in Greenwood. An autopsy showed the cause of death to be a heart attack caused by an enlarged heart.
    Coursey has repeatedly said nothing found in the toxicology report contributed to Adams' death.

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    I guess he wasn't worried about drug testing.

    I can't believe his enlarged heart went unnoticed.
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    Just a shame all the way around.

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