Nothing more to say about this team

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sportsman, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. sportsman

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    I am without words.
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  2. ologan

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    I got plenty of 'em, but would get banned if I said even one of them on this forum.
  3. Boyzmamacita

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    Never felt this way in my 35 years as a Cowboys fan. What is happening?
  4. mmohican29

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    It's called ego. Ego of the owner to think he can put a solid winning product on the field after 18 years of failure, Ego of the coaches to think that their systems work regardless of the talent on the field, and ego of the QB to think he knows better than everyone to change plays that should NEVER be changed, and that he can make throws under any circumstance. Ego has ruined the Dallas Cowboys as we like to remember them.
  5. ninja

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    I think that pretty much sums it up. I am looking forward to a team without Garrett, Romo, and Ware. It won't be until 2015. It is just time to move on from them. Ware and Garrett gone this off-season. And Romo gone after 2015.

    The fans just need something new.
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  6. Ashwynn

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    I dont know how much is Jones Meddling and how much are the schemes not matching player strenghts (coaching). Time and game management, who the hell is calling the plays anyhow??? I know carr is a better press corner and we make him drop back 10 yards all the time. Wares not thriving in his current role, why not??? Its like the coaches dont even know their players are not playing well. No accountability for bad play.

    I do not know if the offense is the biggest problem or the defense anymore.

    I know injuries riddled us, but the behind the starters did not or could not meet the challenge.

    So many issues, like I have said before, so long as Jones owns this team, were a 500 team and thats about as good as we can hope for. I dont even know where to begin as far as fixing the boys anymore. I am flabbergasted by this team, exasperated and flumoxxed. You could say befuddled.

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