Now Here's An Awesome Endorsement Of Garrett!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by vicjagger, Jun 23, 2013.

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    This is reminiscent of when Tony Romo pulled over to help an old couple who were having car trouble, in that the focus was not at all about him but about the others he was encountering.

    This Cowboys team has many people in leadership positions who have a great sense of humility.

    I like it because it shows a true team strength!
  3. Hoofbite

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    She's going to speak to the team?

    I mean, she's absolutely smoking and seems like a laid back person from watching her on AOTS but she's going to speak to a football team?
  4. Yoshimitsu

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    I'd be distracted if she spoke to me.
  5. Heisenberg

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    She can't be that big of a football fan if she had no idea who Jason Garrett was.

    I mean, I know I'm a fan of the team, but even my wife who never watches football with me would recognize him instantly.
  6. Hoss

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    WOW!!! I wonder what she would talk about? If she does end up talking, I hope it shows up on youtube.
  7. BAZ

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    Shes a fan that doesn't know the head coach? Come on! Last season they had Joe Gibbs talk to the team, this year the moron that used to present a show about computer games and now badly acts in a piss poor show. What could she have to tell the team? The only way I believe this is if Garrett told her that just to charm her into the scratcher or some guy with red hair pretended to be him.
  8. MonsterD

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    I agree, she was a serious quasi-hippy if you saw her first show live in 2006 like I did.

    Pie jumping may be the topic of the speech?

  9. NextGenBoys

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    Has anyone watched "The Newsroom" on HBO? I've only seen the first scene from the series on YouTube. If you haven't seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it. Especially if you have a view of American Exceptionalism. It is very thought provoking. I'd post it but it has a few naughty words in it, and we all know those are banned from here.
  10. ChldsPlay

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    Watched about 4 or 5 episodes of it and pretty much hated it. I felt it had a very distorted view of things. I have been a fan of Munn though from her AOTS days. She started off terrible, but once she got comfortable was really fun to watch.
  11. AmberBeer

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    You can't believe everything you hear or read, but this rings true.
  12. Eskimo

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    I really like Newsroom.

    I too have been frustrated by what now passes as news compared to what used to be news in the pre-internet world.
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  13. NextGenBoys

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    Can you give a short explanation why you two feel the way you do? I'm thinking about watching the first season, but would like to hear both of your inputs.
  14. Idgit

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    If you liked West Wing, you'll probably like Newsroom. It's smart, fast-paced, and politically left-leaning (even though they try to couch the protagonist as an independently-minded conservative, it's still a valentine for a progressive political perspective). Good characters. Not very deep. It takes itself a good deal more seriously than it should.
    The show's a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I enjoy the writing and I enjoy the concepts it tackles, even though I don't sympathize ideologically with most of the shows' subtexts. One big benefit it has over West Wing is that it's on HBO, so it has more freedom to tackle grown-up topics like grown ups do. Including using language we wouldn't allow on this site.
    Watch one episode and you pretty much know what you're going to get, if you're interested.
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  15. EGTuna

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    Why would he ask her to speak to the team? There's only one reason he would pull that, and Mrs. Garrett can't be happy about it. Unless he was just being nice/akward because he was flustered by her hotness. This is...weird.
  16. Eskimo

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    The reason I like the show is the grand theme of the show is a conservative news anchor starts the show by going off on a tirade about an America that has lost its way. That is the promo commercial that you may have seen advertised for the show.

    Behind that is a news anchor who feels he has lost his way. News is being served up partly as entertainment and partly as propaganda from one party against the other. No one takes a stand against it because the news is fundamentally bought and owned by mega-corporations that have their own agenda which often surrounds promoting laws and lawmakers who are in their corner. He decides he wants to tell the news responsibly and wants the debate taken to a higher level than the two sides failing to debate the relevant issues and often saying things that are patently false.

    In the background is of course a complex set of relationships between the various cast members that plays out behind the scenes.

    The show is fast-paced and tackles a number of very important current events and issues.

    I don't care so much for the politics of right vs. left wing as much as the story that the news is bought and paid for by various special interests who have the money to try and control the news that gets reported to the public.

    There are multiple facets by which one might find the show entertaining. Give it a couple of episodes and you'll see if you like it . It probably isn't for everyone but I find it very compelling and care for the characters a great deal already.
  17. Idgit

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    He probably thought the team full of mostly-single males would appreciate meeting her and hearing what she had to say about...whatever.
  18. Keifer

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    I would watch an episode deeper into the season if you want to know what the show is really about. I was blown away after episode one and the speech Jeff Daniels made and had big expectations for this show. The thought of actual news without political bias had me on board and I couldn't wait to see how the season progressed. Unfortunately in true HBO fashion it teetered to the left faster than a fat kid on a see saw and by the 2nd and 3rd episodes was just another typical conservative bashing HBO program.

    If you don't mind the liberal leaning it really is a well written show with sharp dialog and engaging characters but I think they sold themselves short by focusing on inserting their political views instead of just making a good tv show.
  19. Teren_Kanan

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    Stopped liking Munn because she's used the whole "gamer girl" thing to boost her career, while not being a gamer girl at all =(

    She is pretty hot though.

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