Now - here's the real chance for Drew to be a man...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NJCowboy, Dec 12, 2005.

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    - Go into Washington ...throw right at them.

    - Make ESPN Recognize you....

    - Make Berman wax poetic about you....

    - Make your run Drew ...the one that Brady took from you....the one you handed him...reinvent yourself like a crafty veteran Baseball pitcher does...

    This is your time Drew - the NFC is wide open...You can take us there - you have the best arm in Cowboys have a top 10 arm in NFL history....Can you for once in your career get your brain and decision making pattern in "The Zone"
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    While I share your sentiment, I don't think Drew is that kind of QB. I never understood Aikman until he left. Aikman was never a QB that you just mentioned. He was a system QB where he did his job but for the team to be successful that meant everyone else had to do theirs. Both Aikman and Drew are cut from the same cloth( System QB). They would not be adlibers.

    As long as Drew does not play Santa and give up 6 points in the game and they stop throwing the out route, or the drew roll out sideline pass he will be just fine.
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    Troy was a far superior QB in terms of the mind and protecting the ball Jimmy Johnson insisted on a check down on every play ....and Troy rarely had negative plays - Drew stays locked on a target.
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    I think Bledsoe will be man enough come game time.


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