Now that the BOYS have a later pick...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DCfaninDC, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Rampage

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! we want a fs out of free agency. plus why are you freaks thinking about the draft when we are in the playoffs?
  2. Smith22

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    FS (need I say more?)
    OG (Rivera is not doing that well. Kosier is OK)
    CB (Need youth)
    OLB (Need a rusher to assist Ware)
    WR (maybe a KR/PR type of guy, groom for a year or 2)
    DT (backup, need the depth)
    DE (someone who can actually sniff the QB)
  3. JPM

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    Jake Long is going back to Michagan for his senior season. I like Woodley. I also like Kyle Young out of Fresno. He's a cetner, but I think he can play gaurd too. He's got the size 6-5 330.
  4. Hostile

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    Not going to declare for this draft it has already been reported.

    Big tackle from Wisconsin is Joe Thomas.
  5. JPM

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    Joe Thomas is going to be a top 5 pick too.
  6. Deputy493

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    How about Best Player Available, period.

    Needs should be filled in FA, BPA in the draft.
  7. HTownCowboysFan

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    You pick the highest ranked player on your board. When you start drafting for "need," that's when you start ***'n up your team.
  8. EPL0c0

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    Johnnie Lee Higgins Jr.
  9. Doomsday

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    Best player available that isnt a TE or SS. There isnt one other position on the field that Dallas couldnt use more help.
  10. Natedawg44

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    Sydney Rice or Robert Meachem WR
    Dameion Hughes CB
    Prescott Burgess LB
  11. Hostile

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    Sometimes the BPA is also a need.

    Laron Landry, FS, LSU

    If it happens I will be stupid with glee.
  12. DTK

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    Landry, Thomas, and Johnson will all be top 15 picks.

    Would be nice to see us trade up for a playmaker once.
  13. BigDave95

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    I know you said "Don't kill me" but Chris Leak??!?!?!! With what, our 7th round pick? He's not an NFL QB and all he's really done in college is let his team down. When they manage to win, it's in spite of Leak's play not because of it. He's terrible.

    I'm not sold on Steve Smith and Dwayne Jarrett will be gone. I think Sydney Rice will be there for us in the mid-20's and he's going to be a stud.
  14. dogberry

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    Pass rusher or CB.
  15. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    I can't see Landry in the top 15. As good as I think he is Safeties usually drop.

    My other dream pick would be Antoine Cason at CB from my local Arizona Wildcats. Man would he be a perfect bookend to T-New.
  16. ghst187

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    I like Lamar Woodley as a player but I don't think he'd be any different from ellis as far as playing LB goes. I think the kid from Purdue, Spencer, will be a much better 3-4 LB.
    Calvin Johnson is the top non-QB player in this draft period. I'd love to get him and let TO go. If we let TO walk, I could really see us going up after CJ or Dwayne Jarrett. But I imagine TO will be back and we'll look for a RB and passrusher in the draft. I can see JJ fading and leaving. I really think Tyson Thompson will give us all that JJ was giving us next year. Peterson is the top RB in the country and should go top 5 BUTTTTTTTT, not so fast my friend, RBs tend to fall on draft day because they are usually easy to find. AP's frequent injuries may cause him to fall. And if he slips in the draft down to say 8-15, I could see us jumping up and grabbing him while trading JJ away.
    Otherwise, we may see a trade down and out of the first round altogether.
    I also think we need a CB and a PR, Aaron Ross is both and could be another Nathan Vasher hidden gem.
    Here's my draft board:
  17. Cogan

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    I've said all along it should be an OL, but I've changed my mind watching the defense the last several games. We can't win the Ring being in shootouts every week. We need a stronger push to the QB. I would love to get Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska. Dude is 6-6, 295, and had 9 sacks last year. He only had 6 sacks this year, but I think it was because they lost a lot of their senior pass rushers, and he faced constant double-teams.

    If Lamarr Woodley is there, I wouldn't mind taking him also. He is a 6-2, 270 lb. nightmare for QBs. He won several top awards this year for his 12 sack senior season. He arrives at the QB in a bad mood, & we could use more of that Steelers mentality around here. We need to start intimidating & dominating teams.
  18. sacase

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    Bpa Ftw
  19. ThreeSportStar80

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    Ding Ding Woodley is the answer, and Pat Watkins is still a rookie let's remember that so he's coming along at a 1st year player's pace....

    RG is definitely a strong possiblity although I don't think you waste a 1st round pick on one...
  20. DCfaninDC

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    I am willing to bet you he gets picked top 10. We will see him in the Bowl game and the combine will make more teams intersted. Lions for instance, could go with him, Kevin Jones is not that good, hurts to say that since I went to Virginia Tech. Other teams who are picking in the top 5 could use a running back like him.

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