Now that the BOYS have a later pick...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DCfaninDC, Dec 18, 2006.

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    Peterson is a rare talent. Its not like he tore his ACL like MaGahee. He had a high ankle sprain and a broken collarbone. Everyone thinks he has been used too much in college and has too many miles but he only has 26 more carries than Emmitt did in college and 60 less then Tomlinson in college and they both seemed to turn out pretty good. Peterson goes early, probably to the Browns.
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    We need to draft either a WR, OL, or FS. I would love Sidney Rice but im not sure if he will be available by the time we draft
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    I think Sidney Rice would be ideal assuming he tests out well. Robert Meachem and Dwayne Bowe are possiblities. If Dallas Baker comes out he looks like a T.O. clone if I ever saw one.
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    You guys that like Woodley over Spencer should check the comparible stats. Spencer is by far the better player especially when you consider the surrounding cast.

    Anthony Spencer is the sleeper candidate. He got little press compared to Woodley. Purdue players v. Michigan players. Spencer has a 4.5 40 time when recruited by Purdue. He was double teamed most of the season also. Here is a Woodley v. Spencer comparison. Who looks better to you?

    Forced Fumbles - Spencer 5, Woodley 4
    Passes Defended - Spencer 6, Woodley 0
    Blocked kicks - Spencer 1, Woodley 0
    Sacks - Spencer 10.5, Woodley 11
    TFL - Spencer 26.5, Woodley 15.5
    Solo Tackles - Spencer 64, Woodley 25
    Safeties - Spencer 1, Woodley 0

    Purdue does very well with DEs and tweeners to LBs Akin Ayodele, Rosevelt Colvin, Gilbert Gardner, Shaun Phillips and Chike Okeafor to name a few.
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    Don't follow college football so really don't know which players would help us the most. But best on our playing so far this season, we definitely have some needs which must be addressed to win the SB. Assuming we draft around the 26th pick, I doubt we trade up as it would cost too much in draft picks and we need all the picks to improve our team that we can get.

    Some of our needs will probably be addressed in FA:
    1) young FA RG like Khielman or Steinbech or one of the young RG sleepers to replace Riveria
    2) backup vet QB behind Romo
    3) FG only if we unhappy with Gramatica's KOs
    4) vet FS who can also mentor Watkins if we convinced Watkins our future FS starter; vet FS can be his backup then; otherwise we use draft pick
    5) might sign vet 3-4 NT/DT who legit backup to Ferguson unless we think Stanley is the future.

    I think we got BPA, but we got enough needs so shouldn't be a problem. But also wouldn't be surprised if we trade down or even out of first round into 2nd to get an extra first day pick:
    1) 1st round
    OLB w/pass rusher capabilities (unless Carpenter comes on).
    CB who can challenge soon.
    FS if we doubt Watkins is the future
    OG/OT if neither player on team when we draft.
    2) OL if not taken late in first round.
    WR if we doubt Hurd/Austin can be legit #1 or #2 players.
    RB if we need more punch in our two some to go along w/the "closer".
    3) whichever position not filled in first 2 rounds and if a good player sliding.
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    First off, any mention of Calvin Johnson is silly. He will be gone in the top 5 for sure.

    Guys on Defense that I would be ecstatic at getting:
    LaRon Laundry FS LSU
    Paul Posluszny LB Penn St.
    Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
    But I don't think any of them will be there when we pick. Anthony Spencer, DE for Purdue might be there.

    Honestly, the only thing I demand on the Defensive side of the ball is that we only draft people whose profiles say "motor that never stops" and "hard worker" etc. The one thing that seems to translate into the NFL is when they say about defensive players that they are "inconsistent" or "takes plays off" or "underachieves" or "makes mental mistakes." That translates and I don't want anyone unless they are a high motor kind of player.

    On offense, I'd like
    Shark, WR ND -- if he would guarantee he would just play football.
    Micheal Bush, RB Louisville -- if he fell to us, but showed himself to be healed
    Joe Staley OT, CM -- the one offensive player I'd be pretty sure would be there and be excited to take.

    After that, I'd also like to take a look at in the 2nd and 3rd rounds at some positions that get overlooked, but that we could lock up for a long time: FB, Brian Leonard and.... don't kill me, K Mason Crosby.

    Players I do not want in the 1st round:
    Levi Brown, T Penn St - lacks tenacity
    DeMarcus Tyler, DT NC St. - takes plays off, disappears, not a hard worker
    Any Senior WR besides Shark.
    Any LB besides Puz.
    Any DB besides Laundry.
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    I agree. I like Spencer. And I like him more than Woodley. He is definitely an OLB, though (as is Woodley). I don't think he can play DE in the NFL. The only problem with him is that I think you have to put him at Left OLB (typically the strong side). And I think they are going to want to put Ellis back there next year. And I guess the plan is to have Carpenter ready in a year or two when Ellis is finally done. So I'm not sure Spencer has a position on this team, even though I think he would look GREAT with a Star on his helmet opposite Ware. Hell, I'd do it. But I'm not BP, and I think BP wants to stick with Ellis. But if we wants to go that way, I'll take Spencer over Woodley. I think Spencer is going to be one of those guys you regret passing on.

    I think Adam Carriker would be a nice pickup to rotate in at DE in our 3-4 if we are looking D-line. And Puz would be my new ILB. I think Willis would be a good ILB, too. I'd steer clear of any other front 7 guys.
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    Great post Cobra, but I'm going to disagree with one thing and add another.

    CB Antoine Cason from Arizona opposite Newman with Henry moving to FS would be great.

    I want Landry more though.

    Don't forget Lamar Woodley from Michigan. Not a need really but he hates QBs.

    I like Posluzny too. A lot. Would love to have him.
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    If we draft Woodley what are we saying about Carpenter. Are we labeling him a bust or does Ayodele or James go? Are we writing off Burnett? If you draft a guy in the 1st you are expecting him to be a starter at some point during the year. Unless you are talking about running a 5 LB defense. Drafting a OLB in the first round is indicting our 1st rounder from last year as a bust no way around it. Which is why I would rather see a WR which protects us from T.O. , or OG, CB or FS.
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    That is something that can be said about Spencer. He has really developed in the weightroom and has an ax to grind because he did not get the publicity the the other DE from last year got. Ray Edwards got publicity on his potential but Spencer performed. Being a Purdue boy I watch every Purdue game I can and I can tell you that Spencer was held regularly and double and triple teamed constantly. The discussions on the Purdue forums are that Spencer might be the best DE Purdue has ever turned out. When you look at past DE's, Rosy Colvin comes to mind, The best from Purdue means quite a lot. When it comes to defense I want quality depth.
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    Trade out of the first for an early 2nd and a 3rd-rounder and select Michael Bush.
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    nice username [​IMG]
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    Hope he stays in school, but if he doesn't...:D

    Of course he'll be gone by then.:mad:


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