Now that we've cooled down, how does everyone feel?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JoeyBoy718, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Denim Chicken

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    Tired of getting text messages like this:

    The New Dallas Cowboys Tampon

    Only good for one period and has no second string

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  2. rcaldw

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    I disagree with a lot of your views of the team... but this is spot on. At the end of the day the guys getting paid the big dollars to play actually seem to care less about it than some fans. If you saw Hatcher interviewed afterward he was very cerebral about it all. :)

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I predict that we are 7-8 going into last game.

    We need that game to make playoffs.

    We lose that game.

    Miss playoffs.

    Lose division to another team that goes 7-9.

  4. Idgit

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    I miss them, too. It's demoralizing, to be doing so much right in close games like these, and to lose.
    I was worried about this game, going in. DET having just lost at home to a good team, us on the back end of the road game double-header, and with our history against Detroit recently. I just finally was settling in to enjoying 5-3 with a bye-week against my business partners beloved Minnesota Vikings coming up, and then the clock stopped for a holding call on a play to run the clock out. I was dumbfounded. And I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking right there that we were going to lose that game. It's unbelievable.
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  5. mrmojo

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    I just see a lack if leadership on this team, whether it be players or coaches. A lot of the things that happen at the end of the game are silly mistakes that should not be happening if you have leaders re-enforcing late game situations to the players. A good leader i believe is worth 2 or 3 victories a year, and that is the difference between this team being average and a bona fide contender IMO.
  6. 187beatdown

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    I'm so pissed off at everyone attacking Dez Bryant. He is the only player that actually gives a crap about winning, and meanwhile you have stiffs like Witten and Ware who are supposed to be the leaders of this time just sitting around and laughing.

    If everyone is okay with this country club atmosphere, then just don't resign Dez. Because that's how he's going to be his whole career because he actually cares about football and not going 8-8 every single year.

    I want this entire coaching staff gone next year. Everyone. Then I want us to finally dump Ware, Spencer, Miles. There is no reason to resign any of them. This is a losing team with loser players that seem to be okay with mediocrity.

    Seriously. I was actually okay about this game until everyone started going after Dez Bryant. He's not drinking the kool-aid like everyone else. He had 3 catches, and 2 of them were touchdowns. He deserves to get the ball, because he doesn't half-*** it like Williams did all day.

    This team is a bunch of losers with a loser mentality, and I guess it reflects off the fans who think that Dez is in the wrong after having to watch that atrocity yesterday.
  7. Yakuza Rich

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    My feelings...

    1. Don't care about the Dez stuff one iota. It's just another media hulabaloo as they like to target Dallas WR's, particularly those wearing the #88. He was upset about the offense's performance in a game that they had lost. Why is it a-ok for Tom Brady to act this way EVERY SINGLE TIME he doesn't get his way, but not for Dez? Brady went ballistic on an interception that was *his* fault yesterday and threw a temper tantrum. I've seen Jerry Rice do *worse* when his team was winning. I want guys with a sense of urgency on this team. It's not about 'he's the only that cares about winning' because the others do as well. However, it is apparent to me that Dez has a sense of urgency that others tend to lack.

    2. The reason why we lost was the offense could not capitalize on those turnovers early on. Capitalize on them and go up by 14, 17 or 21 points, and the game is signed, sealed and delivered.

    3. I'm worried about Romo's unwillingness to take the ball downfield. Not sure if my worries have merit, but it appears that he's gunshy.

    4. It's very difficult to win two in a row on the road in the league. I didn't expect us to win going it. What hurts is that we should have won this game. I still see us winning the division. And we could go 10-6, but I'm thinking we are team that should have gone 11-5 and instead go 9-7, win the division.

  8. bgolf90

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    I can' t really say I was that upset. Sure I was pissed for hour or so but I am over it today get on to next week and see how they can win or lose next week. Iv come to the understanding that this is who they are. Look, we all know how poorly ran they are on the GM side. The coaching is joke half the time. They bring in a splashy name in DC side to put in a 4-3 defense on a 3-4 team. O line and D line is a mess and we have a WR who is a head case.

    Knowing all of these troubles why are we shocked when something like yesterday happens?
  9. bbailey423

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    Who said everyone has cooled off? People are mad at Dez for being mad? It was much worse in the house I was at....and we don't even play! We are not even out there with a balky knee, tight hamstring, sore wrist....and yet he should be calm and WE should be allowed to throw things at the TV? The hypocrisy!
  10. Staubacher

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  11. Star4Ever

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    Partially true. The penalty did NOT wipe out the yards gained because Detroit declined the penalty so we wouldn't get to run another play and run the game clock down. Aside from that, everything else holds true.
  12. Eddie

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    I'm not demoralized. I had no faith that this team could win and make some headway. It's been the same freakin' story for 17 years. Why should I believe any different?
  13. Chocolate Lab

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    Cooled down? Are people still getting that upset about losses like this? Crushing late losses have been the hallmark of the Garrett era. I've been numb to them for a while now.
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  14. khiladi

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    One of my close friends called me up to laugh, and I wasn't even surprised no shocked. It's kind of funny when people want to laugh at your team, but you really don't care because you've become immune to blunders like this, they happen so often.
  15. bbailey423

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    I heard someone say on the radio today that we have 11 losses since 2010 by 3 points or less!
  16. cowboyblue22

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    some good posts I like other fan been fan o f this team since 70 s so I have enjoyed the great coaches and team this bunch nothing bu t lost losers
  17. romothesavior

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    I still haven't cooled down.

    I'm actually going down to Dallas this weekend for my first ever game in the Big D. (I'm from the Midwest and have been to games up here, but never to Dallas.) I was stoked about seeing the stadium, doing a tour, and watching a 5-3 team try to take it to 6-3 going into the bye.

    Now I'm so thoroughly disgusted at entire franchise that I don't even want to go. The only thing that could make this trip worth it would be running into Jason Garrett at a bar and telling him what a worthless POS he is.
  18. big dog cowboy

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    Could Romo be hurt? He took a couple of good shots from Fairley especially.
  19. AbeBeta

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    I feel that we are an unfortunate team. I feel Garrett took the correct approach - three runs, kick a field goal, and make the Lions score a TD to win rather than a FG to tie. I feel Smith's hold was unfortunate - you can't call it stupid. He obviously wasn't trying to hold. More generally, we were unfortunate to have Church and Mo out of the game. We were unfortunate to be missing three probowl players on the DL. We are as snakebit as any team can be.

    But I also feel this. Garrett is gone if we do not win a playoff game or two this year. There are just too many good, unemployed HCs out there. Lovie Smith? Jon Gruden? Both seem pretty good fits with much of our staff.
  20. AbeBeta

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    Either hurt or a bit gunshy. He got nailed plenty early and was off after that

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