NT Terrence Cody didn't pass his conditioning test for training camp and hasn't begun

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Terrence Cody-DL- Ravens Jul. 27 - 10:09 am et

    Ravens rookie NT Terrence Cody didn't pass his conditioning test for training camp and hasn't begun practicing.

    No further details are available, although Cody's weight has been an issue dating back to his JUCO and high school days. It's uncertain when he'll return.
    Source: Jamison Hensley on Twitter
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    I never liked this guy, all he did for Alabama was lean on the o-line until they couldn't hold him up anymore.
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    This is suprising.

    Most 400 pounders are workout warriors.
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    I'm sure this will be a huge story and lead ESPN. Afterall, if it's disrepectful to your teammates to not carry their pads, think how disrespectful it is to your teammates to get so fat and out of shape you can't even practice.

    Seriously this kid is only 22 years old and he's already too fat to even practice. This is an age when the vast majority of people are at their physical peak. This problem isn't going to get better as he gets older.
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    Naaa...Coach Harbaugh is too busy discussing whether Dez should carry vets pads. (saw it on the "news" sourse that is not to be spoken about here.
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    Between Sergio, Ed Reed and fat boy, you would think the Ravens would be garnering more attention and the overblown shoulder pads saga less. Guess not........
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    I love this story
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    Never saw this coming.

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    The responses in that thread are very telling.
  12. ninja

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    Just heard from PFT that he passed his conditioning the following day.

    So, he's ready to practice.
  13. Phrozen Phil

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    :laugh2: According to Cody, diet is just die with a "t" attached.
  14. BraveHeartFan

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    Shocking. This guy is Albert Haynesworth version 2.0

    Only instead of being new and improved he'll be even more lazy and worthless.

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