NUC/ NFL - Top 5 DEs 2014 NFL Draft Prospect Report

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    Kareem Jackson, DE North Carolina 6-5 265 lb.:

    Strength: Jackson is a very athletic DE prospect with great upside and size. He's explosive and plays with good strength covering a lot of ground on the field. He effectively uses his hands to protect his body and rarely plays off his feet showing good balance. He is disciplined in the run game and easily brings down ball carriers. Possess a violent punch knocking blockers off their stance.

    Weakness: Jackson is still a bit of a raw prospect who needs to improve his technique. He's not consistently fast off the ball as you would like and has some stiffness in his hips. Has a thin cut frame and lacks bulk in his legs becoming engulfed by bigger offensive lineman.

    Final Analysis: Kareem Jackson is a tremendously gifted athlete who can rush the passer and is also good against the run. He has steadily improved each season at UNC and displays great potential to be a starter at the next level. Jackson is the number one ranked DE on many NFL draft boards for next year.

    Jackson Jeffcoat, DE Texas 6-4 255 lb.:

    Strength: Jeffcoat is an athletic defensive line with great bloodlines as his father Jim Jeffcoat was a star DE in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys. He displays good quickness and explosiveness. Possess great speed off the edge showing good pass-rushing skills while effectively uses his hands to protect his body. Plays with good strength and drives lineman back in the pocket. He drops well in coverage and shows some ability to play in space.

    Weakness: Jeffcoat lacks the bulk to play in a 4-3 scheme and is considered a tweener defensive end prospect. He's also been injury prone missing most of last season with a pectoral muscle. He also struggles at times to shed blocks against offensive lineman with great arm length and great strength Jeffcoat is not a consistent tackler and too often goes for the kill shot.

    Final Analysis: Jackson Jeffcoat is a very athletic player who shows the playmaking ability that scouts look for in a DE/LB prospect. He possesses the size and skills to line up as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 alignment. Jeffcoat is coming into this college football season with a first round grade from NFL scouts and could turn into a top ten/fifteen draft selection with a healthy and productive senior year.

    Other DEs to watch:

    Morgan Breslin, DE USC: A hybrid college defensive end that is undersized for the next level. He is a JC transfer that was a pleasant surprise for USC and led the team in sacks last season with 12. Plays with good leverage, moves vey fluid, and shows a quick first step of the snap. He is not very instinctive when asked to play the LB position.
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    Pretty good write up based on the little bit I've seen of Gayle. I think he's the most talented of that group.

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    Jeffcoat is supposed to be bigger. We will see if he has but on weight or not.
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    I still think we need a DT

    Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State
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    It's Kareem Martin not Jackson
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