NY Daily: Potential blackout for Saint-Giants game??

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    Talk about irony... Should've done the right thing and had the game somewhere in the south. Anywhere.

    Giant amount of tickets left

    Fans wanting to see the Giants-Saints game Monday night can still purchase tickets. In fact, it's possible that might be the only way fans can see the game.

    As of last night, the Giants were coming dangerously close to having a game blacked out on local television for the first time since 1974. Technically, for the blackout to be lifted, the game must be sold out 72 hours before kickoff - by 7:30 p.m. tomorrow. As of yesterday, 25,000 tickets still remained.

    However, the NFL is turning the game, which will be broadcast locally by ABC, into a telethon for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, so it's likely the league will waive the blackout rule in the event the game is not sold out. But when asked about that yesterday, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said, "No decision has been made."

    Giants VP Pat Hanlon doesn't think the NFL will have to make that decision. "It is my belief that we will sell the remaining tickets," he said.

    Tickets can still be purchased by calling Ticketmaster, or online at ticketmaster.com.

    Ralph Vacchiano​

  2. Maikeru-sama

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    I still dont understand why this game couldnt have been played in SA.
  3. anava

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    It could have even been held in Houston with some tickets donated to the refugees.
  4. TheHustler

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    Way to go Tags. You idiot.
  5. hipfake08

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    Blacked out I love it!!!!! :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
    BTW. I live in Jersey.
  6. lkelly

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    To black out the "fundraiser" game would be assinine. Not even the NHL is that stupid.
  7. arglebargle

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    Yeah, they won't lift the blackout rule because they want to continue to sell tickets. It will happen at the last minute though. Still, it reeks of a snap decision.
  8. calico

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    what a cluster **** this has been.
  9. Rack Bauer

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    Yet another reason for me to hate Paul Tagliabue.
  10. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    Total BS. I don't have ESPN. ABC is all I have. This is total BS!!!
  11. NorthDalal

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    Think about the big picture.
    It is tough to sellout NFL games on one month notice,but they'll get close in NY.

    By placing the game in N.Y. where the Giants regularly selllout they had a chance.More money will go to Hurricane relief.

    They'de have 20,000 in the stands at the AlamoDome or in Houston or Baton Rouge.
    Who would pay $80.00 to see a team they don't root for(against the Cowboys-Skins MNF on TV)
  12. Sarge

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    I guarantee that game won't be blacked out in NY, only because I live there.
  13. JackMagist

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    It would be the height of stupidity to blackout the "fundraiser" game in the largest and richest market in the country. Only Tagliabue could be that asinine...God I miss Pete Rozzell.
  14. Juke99

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    The NFL blew this in a huge way.

    It's the height of stupidity. They are going to have the Saints colors; a Saints endzone; Saint's cheerleaders; and the Saints wearing their home colors....in the middle of the swamps in New Jersey.

    And I suppose that's supposed to make it feel like a home game.

    Take a team from as far south as one can go and have them play in the North East and call it a home game.

  15. Cajuncowboy

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    They made this thing way more difficult than they had to. Just play the stupid game in SA or Baton Rouge and play it on Sunday. Then you don't have all this drama over a football game. Geez, tags is completly incompitant. I long for the days of Pete Rozelle

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