NY Giants vs. Dallas on MNF (1971)

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by bbgun, Jul 17, 2011.

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    I know everyone's getting antsy for football, so I thought I'd dip into the archives again. This was an ugly game. 11 fumbles combined, but the good guys prevailed. Staubach and Morton started the first and second halves respectively. Pretty good quality for its age. Enjoy.

    Intro, + a Staubach PSA urging you to avoid drugs.

    Roger gets careless

    Bob stuffs the run

    12 to 22

    Little Pudding fumbles

    Defense rises up

    Cornell sacks Fran

    12 to 22 again

    Damn goalposts

    Cosell's classic halftime highlights.

    Hill injured

    Reeves picked off

    Lee Roy forces turnover

    Long TD from 14 to 22

    Pugh sacks Fran

    Bad night for Reeves continues

    Howley makes a play
  2. casmith07

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    First Bob Hayes catch...I guess pass interference didn't exist back then LOL.
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    Cool, Thanks!
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    I used to stay awake on Monday nights just to watch halftime highlights. Before the days of cable and the Internet and satellite television, Monday Night Football was the only place where you could see highlights from other games around the league.
  6. bbgun

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    Boy are you old. Wait, so am i. :mad:
  7. RS12

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    Those were the good old days for sure, probably my favorite team ever, the first SB winner.
  8. SC Cowboyfan

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    I thought it was great when george michael sports machine started for highlights of the games in the 80s.......:D
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    Where is a clip of the end of the game with Dandy Don singing "The party's over"? Incomplete!

    Just kidding BBGun. I enjoyed that immensely. I got a chuckle out of the MNF intro showing a kickoff with the straight-ahead kicker.
  10. burmafrd

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    Yeah. Our local channels would only cover the Bears or maybe the Packers or Cardinals. So it you wanted to see highlights of other games this was the ONLY place.
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    Very nice. Thanks for posting this.
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    For any fans of The Odd Couple on this board, this is the game being shown in the episode where Oscar does MNF with Howard Cossell.

    "Staubach is scrambling. He's scrambling with the dexterity of a lizard!"

    Classic laughs
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    He skipped the song that night. He was in a sour mood when Cosell reminded him that he held the record for most turnovers in a season.

    Yeah, I remember that one. Oscar was supposed to get back at Cosell by hitting him with a barrage of prepared insults ("Evel Knievel should jump over your mouth"), but he got stage-fright and went silent. That's when Felix took over and screwed up the play-by-play. ;)
  14. JoeCorrado

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    Ah, it brings back some fun memories. I enjoyed the old commercials nearly as much as the old game footage! Well, not really, but they were fun too. :)

    It's almost strange how the mind instantly reverts back to the old days, seeing the old players back in the day, just like it was yesterday!

    It would have been icing on the cake to hear Dandy Don's off key voice proclaiming that t,he time had come to "Turn out the lights..."

    Thanks for sharing!! :thumbup:
  15. ZeroClub

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    I remember Cosell once saying to Frank and Don: "Gentlemen, your respective teams are not distinguishing themselves. They are putting on a very poor display." (or something like that)

    To which Don replied "Well, Howard, at least we have respective teams."

    Was it this game?
  16. bbgun

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    I watched it this weekend but don't recall Don taking that shot. Howard beclowned himself by saying the Cowboys should just run the ball all night. That was right before the long bomb to Hayes.
  17. CoCo

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    People remember Cosell fondly now but don't forget the guy could be incredibly grating. It was truly love/hate. In that Morton to Hayes clip you get a taste of the Meredith-Cosell back and forth of that night. Part of the charm but also a bit childish of Cosell IMO.

    The other observation I'd make is that you'd expect the graphics to be archaic versus today's high-tech standards, and they were. But the pre-game comments from Meredith & Gifford both come off as totally unscripted to me. No way would they fly versus today's standards. But then I think that's also why back then it was more about the game itself.

    Frank Gifford was pretty darn good IMO for simply being an ex-jock. As the PBP he needed to bring the professionalism where Dandy & Cosell had a bit more license. Gifford to me pulled it off beautifully, especially considering his background.
  18. bbgun

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    I appreciate an uncluttered screen, but back then, you could go huge stretches without knowing:

    1) what quarter the game was in
    2) how much time was on the clock
    3) what the score was
  19. burmafrd

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    and if you listened to Howard you would get all those wrong. He had the incredible ability to just about always say something that was totally proven untrue in the next minute on the field. You would listen to him talk and think the Packers were getting blown out and the game would be tied.
  20. burmafrd

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    Yet I have never enjoyed football games as much as when those three were doing MNF. No one has ever come close since.

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