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    SPN analyst and former Cowboys safety breaks down the showdown between Dallas and the Giants with The Post’s Justin Terranova. But the three-time Super Bowl champion doesn’t have a high opinion of either NFC East team.

    Q: Why do you think the Giants have been so inconsistent this year?
    A: The Giants have lost their identity as a physical team. The ball is in Eli Manning’s hands a lot more than it used to be. They are not a team that scares you running the ball. And on defense, besides Justin Tuck, they don’t have much physical presence, especially with the linebackers and the secondary doesn’t cover well.

    Q: What does Miles Austin bring to Dallas with his expected return?
    A: This offense lacks explosiveness without him. The mental impact of Dez Bryant’s game isn’t there, and I don’t think Tony Romo fully trusts him to run the right routes. As dangerous as Bryant is, teams still can play him one-on-one because he’s not there mentally. With Austin back they have a chance to return to that high-flying offense.

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    You would post something from Woody. Stalker. :D

    For the most part I agree with everything he said. But if the Cowboys make it I expect us to get out of the first round. But have to make it first.

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