O.K Gang,...here my free agency period and mock draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Avenging Hayseed, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Have to start with the free agency period as that will go a long way in determining how we handle the draft. I know we arent going to have a ton of money available, but I really believe we can find a way to sign these three guys.

    R.T.....Eric Winston. One of the better right tackles in the game that somehow is often underrated. Nasty disposition on the field too. Love that in a lineman.

    L.B....Phillip Wheeler. Nice wheels on the guy,...can really run and hit. Should team up nicely with Lee and Carter to give us a speedy Linebacking core in the new and improved defense.

    D.E.....Israel Idonije. Nice rotation guy at defensive end in the 4-3. Will back up Spencer/Ware. Connected to Marinelli. Getting older at 32 but can buy us some time until we can draft a defensive end high next year.


    Round 1......Johnathon Cooper. One of the top two guards in the draft. Would be very happy with either him or Warmack but think Cooper is the one who falls to us.

    Round 2....this is where it gets a bit interesting. I had us going safety here with Eric Reid from LSU originally. Thing is,....I think we all KNOW our O line is in dire need of a massive rebuild in the interior. IMO, there is an INSTANT starter at center available in this draft,...most likely would go at the top of round three. I dont want to fiddle around and LOSE him...Instead we over draft him a little and take him in round two. We get our safety in round three.

    Center.....Brian Schwenke Cal..

    Guy is a friggin beast. Totally dominated the D.T's at the senior bowl workouts and in the game. Would love to see this guy anchoring our interior. My favorite pet cat in this draft.


    Round three..Safety Bacarri Rambo

    Nice range, run and hit kinda guy with a real nose for the interception, big play. Got popped smokin weed causing his draft status to fall a bit.

    Round 4...L.B Gerald Hodges. Penn state

    Round 5...Here we go backup running back. In a backup running back first and foremost I want a guy who can block, is smart, can do the basic things plus pick up 4 yards and a cloud of dust.

    R.B...Lance Burkhead...Nebraska. Guy fights for the last inch of yardage. Tough SOB through and through. Nice hands too for receiving. We keep Dunbar as our change of pace 3rd back.

    Round 6....Heres where we take a shot on a small school passrushing phenom defensive end. Guy really has some nice wheels,...pretty good first step.

    D.E....David Bass,...Missouri Western state

    And there you have it.

    I do like the look of the rebuilt line though....

    I myself would move Livings to RIGHT guard and let him battle it out with Costa, may the best man win. YES....Costa can and HAS played guard..:)

    Heres the rebuilt O.L from left to right

    L.T..Smith..L.G...Cooper...C..Schwenke...R.G..Livings/Costa...R.T.. Winston

    Not a bad o line at all IMO,....In fact, could be quite dominant in time and certainly far better than anything we have rolled out in years.
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    Nice I disagree on Matt Elam as I think he has trouble covering, but he can lay the wood no doubt. I would not be surprised if we draft safety in first rd and it would have to be Vaccarro. I wonder if the numbers work for your FA's to sign with us.
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    Like the FA class, but with Spencer being tagged I don't see us signing Idonije

    And though I would be happy with this mock, I don't see Jerry taking OL in the first two rounds and I highly doubt that Rambo is even an option, even though I'd love him.

    Also, I think Burkhead is going to stink in the NFL :laugh2:
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    "Everyone wants a Schwenke."

    Trying to make this a thing, whenever someone says we should go after this guy. Help a brother out.
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    Need interior D Lineman
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    like all but your S

    give me Swearinger

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