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    Well, for at least the next 3 weeks, this is my mock I'm sticking with!

    #22 W.R. James Hardy, Gives us a future #1 W.R. and creates instant matchup problems for defenses in the red zone!

    [​IMG] James Hardy, Indiana [​IMG]
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 217.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.53.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.47.
    Vertical: 37. Broad 10-5.
    Projected Round: Top 25 Pick.
    James Hardy all but cemented his status as a first-round pick with a solid combine. He didn't run the 40, but he notched a 37-inch vertical and dropped only two passes in the drills. The only thing keeping him from being the No. 1 wide out on this list are his character concerns.


    #28 Jonathan Stewart, I remember no one thought Kevin Jones or Steven Jackson would fall to us a few years ago, and they were 100% healthy, with his toe surgery, I expect him to be here at #28

    [​IMG] Jonathan Stewart, Oregon
    Height: 5-10. Weight: 235.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.49.
    Combine 40: 4.44.
    Benchx225: 28. Vertical: 36.5. Broad .
    Projected Round: Top 20 Pick.
    How does a 235-pound man run a 4.44 and leap 36.5 inches off the ground? Jonathan Stewart remains in a battle for the No. 2 running back with Rashard Mendenhall.

    Stewart carried the ball just 15 times at Michigan, but he gained 113 yards and a touchdown in the process. His Jerome Bettis style of running could entice the Steelers or Falcons to draft him early.

    Currently the best big back projected to go in the 2008 Draft. Rushed for 981 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2006. Stewart became a bigger threat in the passing game last year, increasing his receptions from seven to 20.


    2nd Round: C.B. Terrence Wheatley, pure cover corner with speed to burn!
    Steps in instantly and becomes our nickle C.B., Reeves who?

    [​IMG] Terrence Wheatley, Colorado
    Height: 5-9. Weight: 187.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.39.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.37.
    Benchx225: 17. Vertical 36.5.
    Projected Round: 2-3.
    Terrence Wheatley looked really solid at the combine. Other than his 4.37 40 and 36.5-inch vertical, Wheatley was awesome in some of the drills. Wheatley picked off three passes against Texas Tech.

    Started all 12 games last year. Went through wrist surgery this winter.


    3rd Round: C.B. Zach Bowman, would of been a 1st rounder IMO if not for injuries, proved he's healthy at the combines but some durability issues slips him to round 3, a late 3rd rounder for this kind of upside is always worth it and I couldn't be any happier if he's our pick here, gives us much needed depth at C.B. to battle it out with Wheatley with one of these 2 taking over for Henry next year and the other steps into the nickle role!
    We need the depth and in case an inujury to one of our stasrters we'd still have a good 3rd C.B.!

    [​IMG] Zack Bowman, Nebraska
    Height: 6-0. Weight: 197.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.48.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.38.
    Pro Day 40 Time: 4.43.
    Benchx225: 18. Vertical 32.
    Projected Round: 3-4.
    Zack Bowman is a huge risk, coming off multiple knee injuries. However, he looked good at the combine, running a 4.38. The Chargers took a shot with Antonio Cromartie and it paid off. I bet someone takes a flier on Bowman prior to the middle of the draft.

    4th Round: W.R. Dexter Jackson, we got our future #1 W.R. in Hardy to pair outside with T.O., now we get our little speedster to replace Glenn and put some speed and I do mean SPEED back into the slot position, adds a bonus in the return game too!
    Don't know if he'll last this long though, but hey, it's a mock right?

    [​IMG] Dexter Jackson, Appalachian State
    Height: 5-9. Weight: 185.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.33.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.37.
    Vertical: . Broad .
    Projected Round: 4-5.
    Dexter Jackson followed up a solid Senior Bowl with a 4.37 40. He definitely put himself on the map this past month.

    Jackson's undersized, but his performance at the Senior Bowl puts him above guys of similar build, including Dorien Bryant. With a low 4.3, Jackson figures to be drafted as a return specialist as well as a receiver.


    5th Round: N.T. Jason Shirley
    6'-5 330 pounds and ran sub 5.0, this has him projected round 7, but with those triangular numbers, I'll gladly take him late 5th round!

    Would give us flexibility to move Ratliff to Spears spot and give us a BEEFCAKE to plug in on short yardage so we don't get shoved around!

    [​IMG] Jason Shirley, Fresno State
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 330.
    40 Time: 4.98.
    Projected Round: 7.
    A monstrous nose tackle who runs a sub-five 40? Are we recording this? Is this thing on?


    Round 6: C./G. Fernando Velasco, We need someone to step in for Gurode in case of injury and he gives versatility of playing Guard AND Center!

    [​IMG] Fernando Velasco, Georgia
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 328.
    40 Time: 5.06.
    Projected Round: 6.
    Huge for a center, but definitely not slow. Raw - Fernando Velasco played guard last year.


    Round 7: G. Jordan Grimes

    Was thinking about Ikegwounu, but he stole an X-box this year prior to the draft to me makes him REALLY Stupid and will pass on giving him a flier and instead take another Guard because I feel we have nothing behind our starters and I feel Kosier will be gone after this year and we'll have Grimes and Velasco to battle it out for the spot next year, can never have enough good O-line prospects and sicne all the tackle spots are locked up already, I go with a true Guard who could project as a starter in 09' for Kosier if not a good backup to have anyways!
    I saw Grimes as the top Guard at one point during the year, I actually thought he didn't declare for the draft since I saw him fall so much, coul dbe a steal!

    [​IMG] Jordan Grimes, Purdue
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 325.
    40 Time: 5.38.
    Projected Round: 6.
    An ankle injury Jordan Grimes suffered toward the end of the season will hurt his draft stock.


    Well, that's it, tear it apart, applaud it, do what you will, I know I'm biased, but I LOVE IT! :)

    Total Haul!

    W.R. James Hardy
    R.B. Jonathan Stewart
    C.B. Terrence Wheatley
    C.B. Zach Bowman
    W.R. Dexter Jackson
    D.T. Jason Shirley
    C./G. Fernando Velasco
    G. Jordan Grimes

    Talk about adding WOW to our offense!

    W.R. James Hardy
    W.R. Dexter Jackson
    R.B. Jonathan Stewart

    Plus we get a much needed backup C. in Valasco and a future Guard to possibly replace Kosier and at least back up both guard spots in the meantime!

    We also add these guys to our defense!

    C.B. Terrence Wheatley
    C.B. Zach Bowman
    D.T. Jason Shirley

    you can't get EVERYTHING you want from one draft, but I think I pretty much got us everything we needed to fix our weaknesses from last year and set us up good for the future as well!

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    Two injury risks with our top 4 picks. No thank you.

    RB with toe surgery out for several month. don't know if this will be an issue down the road.

    CB with multiple knee surgeries and haven't recoved yet.

    there are plenty of other RBs and CBs (healthy) to be had in the draft. It's not as if these two players were top 10 talents prior to injury.
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    Jeff Hardy is a big IF, as far as his availability.
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    I don't know if it'ds a BIG IF, I mean I don't hear anyone callin him a GUARANTEED top 20 pick, do you?
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    stewart was a gimmick rb. a lot of his runs were a lot of mis-direction and trick college crap that doesn't work in the nfl.
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    Most are!

    I heard people say the same thing about Adrian Peterson!

    As for Stewart, He's a 235-pound man who runs a 4.44 and can leap 36.5 inches off the ground and did 28 bench presses at 225!

    Oh, and it's not like he's JUST a workout warrior, he has moves too, I don't care what kind of offense he was in, he's gonna be successful in the NFL!
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    the only picks I liked were Jackson and Velasco...Hardy and Stewart have very high bust potential IMO (in addition Hardy comes with off field baggage, Stewart comes with injury probs galore)...Wheatley is a kinda s sleeper CB I like and feel he'd fit the nickel role well, but not sure if he's a 2nd rd pick

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    huh? :confused:

    when did Peterson ever run a play from the spread option offense? I'd venture to guess 90% ore more of his run plays came from the I formation or one back set. Almost none of Stewarts were


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