O Romo, Romo! wherefore art thou Romo?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Gryphon, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Mr. Adorable Tony Romo - you are starting to hit a major nerve with me in the off season. I have read that he had a killer mini camp, but it's what he is doing off the field that has me worried. Yes, he is the starter of the Dallas Cowboys, but he is running around like he is the next big thing. He very well could be, but he hasn't proved that yet and until he does I think it is best for Romo to keep a low profile because if he doesn't it is going to bite him in the *** hard.

    Will Romo be able to keep it on the down low? Probably not. We didn't have this problem with the previous starting QB's since Troy Aikman. I know Aikman went through his trials and tribulations with who he was dating or who he wasn't, etc. but that wasn't until he was an established QB. Romo has only played eleven games - eight of those he played great. With Aikman though it didn't explode to what a lot of people are calling Romomania. Romo's choice in women and public appearances isn't helping him stay under the radar either. When you walk the red carpet with Carrie Underwood at the Country Music Awards and hold her purse when she wins an award that's pretty damn huge. I don't know country music well, but she's one of the biggest things in country music right now.

    Now the National Enquire has reported that Romo has benched the relationship to concentrate on football. There's a great idea. Concentrating on football - who would have thought. I'm not going to buy into what the National Enquire says - until Romo says it I won't believe it. The guy can have a social life outside of football - I just don't want it getting in the way of football like it did last year. Romo's personal life is just that - HIS personal life, but ALL this drama of who he is dating true or not is/was effecting his playing last year and I see that it could be a potential problem this year. I so wish I had the power to scream things through the TV and he could hear me. Numerous people heard me say keep it in your pants until the season is over last year - I don't want to be repeating myself this year. The whole team looked like **** the last five games and we shouldn't have been in the playoffs. With that being said the botched field goal is an example of him not thinking clearly. I do not blame the loss of the Seattle game on him as I know many people do - I'm just trying to state his head wasn't totally on football.

    We see him at the CMA's and his next public appearance is at the Miss Universe Pageant in Mexico City as a celebrity judge. When did Tony Romo launch into Dan Marino and Brett Favre status? I'm not liking that he is be bopping everywhere like he is a celebrity. Sure, having the title of being the Starting Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys has a lot of power behind it, but right now he shouldn't have this "celebrity" status. You are NOT that celebrity yet and even if you get there - Marino and Favre had the class to keep it on the down low and not bounce from once celebrity to the next. Last year at this time no one knew who Romo was unless they were related to him, followed the Dallas Cowboys, or attend(ed) his alma mater Eastern Illinois University. There is no reason he can't have a social life in the off season and during the season, but there is no need to be a man whore either.

    I have all the confidence in the world that Romo has what it takes to be a great QB for the Cowboys, but I think he will fall short if he doesn't get his head out of the damn clouds. T.O. used to be the one that is/was in the news ALL the time, but I have yet to hear a whisper out of him which is music to my ears. I adore Romo and am glad he is our QB, but he needs to grow up and shape up and get his butt on the field. This isn't a time to play musical chairs with the ditsy blond women of the music world. It is time to take MY Cowboys to a Superbowl. I truly hope he really is going to concentrate on football. Teams are going to be ready for him this year - there is a lot more tape on him and with all the hype on him they will be gunning for him that much more. With that he has to be extra sharp on the field or we could be in for a long season. It is WAY too soon to tell on what kind of season we are going to have, but hopefully our QB will be prepared and have all the lovey dovey stuff straightened out before putting on the uniform.
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    blah blah blah
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    To be fair Jessica Simpson is a ditzy blond, but Carrie graduated Magna Cum Laude last year. If Tony sucks this year, it won't be because of his girlfriend.
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    Umm.. lets get this straight. She wants Romo to quit dating Carrie Underwood and turn down an invitation to the MISS UNIVERSE pageant!Yeah! That'll happen! Is she really serious or just jealous that she isn't the object of Romo's affection?:laugh2:
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    Pure jealousy...........
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    Trash...utter trash!


    At the grocery check out counter, I was reading about the baboon that fell in love with a hooker. The hooker only charged peanuts for his lovin...
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    I'm tired of these so-called experts (and average Joe-Blows) dumping on Romo for HIS personal life. He isn't doing a thing that anyone else in his shoes wouldn't do. My God, is the man supposed to be a monk in cowboys clothing?

    Romo is doing everything football-wise that he's suppoed to be doing, and more. I'll bet he's working harder on football than just about any other QB out there. These people need to mind their own business and quit worrying about Romo's PERSONAL life!!!

    Sorry, had to get that off my chest.
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    this article is stupid. The man can do wutever the hell he wants to do on his free time. Its been documented that he's been to nearly every practice and even took a 4am flight after the Miss Universe pageant to just to show up at 7am for workouts. Get off the mans back and let him enjoy the spot light cause there aint not one person who wouldnt do the same if they were in his shoes
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    How dare you Mr Romo try to have some semblance of a life. How dare you draw this thing called media attention to yourself by being the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Oh...wait.
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    Did you happen to catch the name of the hooker? And does she prefer the honey roasted kind or the ones in the shell? :)
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    I think her name was Gonzo? Anyway, it did'nt say what kind of peanuts she liked...but it did say that she loved to monkey around.

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    Just my type :D
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    Sorry...unless you are a baboon, you are out of luck! From what I briefly read, she likes REAL HAIRY guys (or monkeys, whichever comes first)!

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    Step back and look at who you are believing. The National Enquirer
    Was there a sit down interview with Romo?
    Was there a straight quote from Romo?
    Was there a picture of Romo?
    It is not his fault the RAGS want to splash his private affairs all over the front page. It is YOUR fault that they are perpetuated, Spread around. Rumored. Stop making blogs about him and all this mess would go away. Blame yourself not him.
    Two times out in public in five months, WOW, call the cops, Romo is on the loose.
    True he took one day (which was probably sit up back in March when he was a nobody) to go to the Miss Universe Pageant.
    As for his relationship with Carrie it is a long standing one now (6 months) that is long enough to be given some respect as to a serious relationship.
    To my knowledge he has been on the field every day of OTA's and no one seems to have a complaint about his work ethic. It is TWO months till football season. People like you hit a major nerve with some of us who like to see a well rounded (Man) on the field not a robot that knows how to throw a football. Maybe you need to bury your head in the sand until Aug.
    And if you can get your mind out of the gutter you can take it with you.
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    Gryphon should know better than to post crap from that magazine!

    BAN HIM...NOW!
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    You Go Girl ! I could not have said it any better:bow:
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    Yeah Tony Its your fault if you go out and try to have a some what semi-normal life. You should be like a monk and study and play football all the time, Your a Dallas cowboys QB dont you know what that means.....( sarcasm this is supposed to be dripping with it)

    Do what you have to TONY. Treat them like the ...That they are and then get back to football. buddy. Remember the last girlifriend you had....
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    It's not? You mean he was forced to mug for the cameras at very public events? Who or what is the sinister force behind this? After all, if Tony being coerced, he may need our help.

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    So the fans want him to have no life - just play football...IF he loses or gets hurt- then he'll be by himself- Tony would be crazy to dump Carrie for football. Have a life Tony- you deserve it.
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    Tony never said he was dumping Carrie for anything... NE did. Tony is a much better man to lower himself to that standard, sorry do not believe NE.

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