Oakland Raiders cap space

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nunez21, Jan 1, 2014.

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    The Raiders aren't "ready" to do anything. I don't ever want my Cowboys to be like them. And people keep comparing Jerry to Al. Even that's not true.
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    It is not as if they had a true core to begin with in the first place. There isn't a long list of guys on that roster that have been around for a while and can be considered core players. They didn't have an established QB in place that was picked by their GM McKenzie or HC Allen. They inherited Carson Palmer who was only there for just over a 1 1/2 seasons before they traded him. They traded for Matt Flynn and guaranteed him over $6 million before cutting him during the season. They didn't have a core wide receiver. The only thing close to a core player they had was Darren McFadden and they kept him. Maybe Janakowski. On defense they brought in 36 year old Charles Woodson. That is not a moving forward type move.
  3. jterrell

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    every team turns over 30% of its roster every year.
    the raiders have lots of cap space because they have no players worth paying.

    the past draft they went off the board again and seemed very much like an al davis draft.
    seattle turned it around, carolina turned it around.
    oakland just has cap space which is like a homeless guy living cheaply.
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    Oakland might have no players worth paying but at least McKenzi figured that out. Instead extending old veterans who are about to breakdown or retire while still playing. Seattle and Carolina turned it around because they have QBs, Oakland gets one this year, we'll see what happens.
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    Oakland at one extreme, Dallas at the other.

    7 points determined who won when they played each other.
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    I agree, Al was a football guy at one time.
  7. jterrell

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    sorry but not sorry... draft sucked for team with no talent.
    thats just bad.
    paying for flynn and other vets then releasing them in season again bad.
    if you fail in free agency and the draft hard to see any reason to applaud.

    nothing about oakland to like except cap space.
    what mckenzie needs to figure out is where he gets his next job if they are stuck on 4 wins again.

    not even a lacewell GM/Campo HC combo win only 4 games.
    doing that twice takes real effort.
  8. coult44

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    They've been more decent than we have over the past two decades!!!
  9. coult44

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  10. jterrell

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    stop typing nonsense.

    in last 11 years they havent been over .500 even once.
    while we are merely .500 they are about 20 games UNDER .500.

    19 years ago we won a SB.

    Over the past 20 years we are essentially average. win 1 lose 1. right in the middle.
    Oakland is a bottom 2 or 3 football team.
  11. jterrell

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    he played like one for 16 weeks after 1 back surgery.
    the 2nd is a concern but only morons are writing him off after watching him play in 2013.
  12. coult44

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    Ok, almost two decades. My point being, they have won and played in more playoff games than us for the better part of 18 years.regular season means absolutely nothing if your not winning playoff games...
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    Great teams arent built through free agency, we of all teams should know that. Yes it would be exciting from a fans standpoint to have that much capspace to sign 5 high priced players but rarely does that translate to success.
  14. TheCount

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    I agree they aren't a model franchise, but that's not what the thread is about. The thread is about how terrible they've been even while right up against the cap because their owner was a mad man.

    Once he was out of the picture, they hit the reset button and were able to clear out a lot of their big contracts, that were obviously achieving nothing for them. in a relatively short time.

    If they repeat the sins of the past and try to fix their franchise with a bunch of high-priced FA signings, they'll stay exactly where they are, at the bottom of the league. FA's rarely justify their inflated contracts, it's nearly impossible. They will need to focus on the draft and add some reasonably priced FA's to fill out the roster and will probably still stink for a few years - but that's what rebuilding looks like.
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    Truth hurts?
  16. visionary

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    first the Al Davis of the cowboys has to die

    BTW, it is an insult to Al Davis to call our owner Al Davis
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  17. jterrell

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    This is hard to argue given the facts.
    The Raiders were last competitive when Al was alive and making day to day decisions.
    As his health deteriorated and he passed the team has been awful.

    Arguing it is better without him is both false and rather opposite of what Cowboys fans hope to experience sans Jerry.

    If we hold Jerry hostage away from the Cowboys the next two years and we end up with lots of cap space but no real young talent I'd be looking to kidnap whoever was left in charge.

    For Oakland to even get to 8-8 will be a major accomplishment.
    For Dallas it is jump off a cliff bad apparently.
  18. jterrell

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    BTW, the salary cap has been mismanaged by Stephen Jones so Jerry killing over likely gives little relief there.
    The scheduled restructure nonsense is a Stephen baby.
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    Exactly, this sense make much so.
  20. BigStar

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    People forget Al Davis was an actual football man; even with his propensity to salivate over speed and trendy players towards the end.
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