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Oakland Raiders Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 30, 2007.

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    Rd 1 - 001 - JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU
    BIOGRAPHY: Two-year starter who also saw limited action with the first team as a redshirt freshman. All-Conference selection the past two seasons, throwing for 67.8%/3,129/28/8 as a junior after 2,443 passing yards and 15 touchdowns as a sophomore.

    POSITIVES: Big, powerful pocket passer with tremendous arm strength. Patient, buys time for receivers and does an outstanding job directing the offense. Stands strong in the pocket, taking a big hit or getting the throw off with defenders draped on him.

    NEGATIVES: Must improve his pass placement and throwing fundamentals, as targets are constantly adjusting to make the reception. More often than not he is high of the mark.

    ANALYSIS: A physical presence behind center, Russell possesses all the skills to lead a franchise at the next level. Showed consistent improvement over the past two seasons and offers a tremendous amount of upside.


    Rd 2 - 033 -

    Raiders trade 2nd round pick (#33) to Cardinals for Cardinals second round pick (#38) and Cardinals fourth round pick (#105)

    Rd 2 - 038 - (from Cards) Zach Miller TE, Arizona State

    BIOGRAPHY: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors every season since his freshman campaign. Posted 50/485/4 as a junior after 38/476/4 as a sophomore. Pac-10 Freshman of the Year after career-best numbers of 56/552/6 during the .04 season.

    POSITIVES: Athletic pass-catching tight end who creates mismatches in the defensive secondary. A solid route-runner who gets separation from opponents, uses his frame to shield away defenders and effectively catches with his body when necessary.

    NEGATIVES: Play leveled off after a tremendous freshman campaign. Must improve the strength of his base and his blocking. Performed terribly at the combine.

    ANALYSIS: A physically gifted tight end with all the traits necessary to become a complete player, Miller flashes game-breaking skills. Must take his game to the next level, but offers a lot of upside.


    Rd 3 - 065 - Quentin Moses DE, Georgia

    BIOGRAPHY: Two-year starter who registered 33/12/4.5 as a senior after career-best numbers of 44/20.5/11.5 the prior year. All-Conference selection as a junior. All-Academic pick in the past.

    POSITIVES: Athletic, pass-rusher coming off a disappointing senior campaign. Explodes off the snap with a quick first step, possesses speed in every direction and immediately alters his angle of attack or redirects to plays.

    NEGATIVES: Seemingly suffered from a case of senioritis last year. Did not show top instincts and did not always chase hard to make plays. Undersized, is slow to shed blocks or easily removed from his angle of attack by blockers. Does a bit of grab-tackling.

    ANALYSIS: A top-flight athlete who failed to meet expectations last season, Moses is watching his draft stock free-fall. Did not play with a great degree of intensity as a senior and was a non-factor at the Senior Bowl. May get consideration at outside linebacker.


    Oakland trades 7th round pick (#211) and 2008 3rd round pick to get Patriots 3rd round (#91) pick

    Rd 3 - 091 - Mario Henderson OT, Florida State

    BIOGRAPHY: Full-time starter as a senior at left tackle. Used at right tackle and tight end early in his Florida State career.

    POSITIVES: Athletic blocker with terrific size. Quickly gets hands into defenders, adjusts in pass protection and controls opponents at the point. Keeps his feet moving, blocks with leverage and displays the ability to slide laterally. Shows some smarts to his game.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks the dominant base and is just an average run-blocker. Stands to improve his playing balance.

    ANALYSIS: Possessing terrific upside, Henderson blocks with solid fundamentals and has an understanding of the position. Needs to improve his playing strength and iron out the rough edges of his game, yet offers starting possibilities in the NFL after a few years.


    Rd 3 - 99 - Johnnie Lee Higgins WR, UTEP

    BIOGRAPHY: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors as both a receiver and return specialist since his sophomore campaign. Pass catching numbers last season included 82/1,319/13 when he also averaged 23.4 yards on 12 punt returns, adding two more scores.

    POSITIVES: Explosive athlete with the ability to break games open in a variety of ways. Quick getting to top speed, displays sharpness running routes and gets separation from defenders. Uses his frame to protect the pass and extends to pull the ball from the air.

    NEGATIVES: Does not consistently win out in battles against larger opponents. Has a history of back problems. Does not present himself as a consistent deep threat.

    ANALYSIS: A tremendous athlete who strikes fear in opposing defensive backs, Higgins offers immense potential for the next level. Needs to improve his playing strength without losing quickness, yet shows a relatively complete game and could be an outstanding slot receiver.


    Rd 4 - 100 - Michael Bush RB, Louisville
    Rd 4 - 110 - From New England for Randy Moss - John Bowie CB, Cincinnati

    Rd 4 - 105 - from Cards Traded to Detroit for WR Mike Williams and QB Josh McCown
    Rd 5 - 138 - Jay Richardson DE, Ohio State
    Rd 5 - 165 - Eric Frampton S, Washington State
    Rd 6 - 175 - Oren O'Neal RB, Arkansas State
    Rd 7 - 211 - Traded to Patriots
    Rd 7 - 254 - Johnathan Holland WR, Louisiana Tech
  2. BouncingCheese

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    Why did the Raiders select Michael Bush? I guess Lamont Jordan is on his way out, because Bush is carbon copy of Jordan. Once again, they neglected offensive line. J. Russell is going to get killed next year.
  3. 5mics

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    Al Davis finally showing some sense in taking JaMarcus, maybe he's NOT so senile after all?

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