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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kilz, Aug 23, 2005.

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    I was at last yr's Monday nighter vs Sea. Prior to the game I visited 3 or 4 watering holes in preparation for the big night. As I was sporting my Roy Williams jersey, I was tirelessly heckled at each one. The patrons from one place went as far as to give mngmt the business for letting a Cowboy fan in. Everyone seemed to have a snide comment for me regarding our current state. I was, however, quite proud to see many others Cowboy brethern braving the elements with me.

    Prior to yesterday's games I visited the same establishments sporting the same RW#31 jersey. It was like night and day. I barely heard a peep from anyone. I wore that jersey like a badge of honor. It was awesome! No one in Seattle has forgotten last years game. It still kills them.

    Sat 7th row on the twenty behind the Cowboys bench (got the tix off ebay for $30!).

    After the Cowboys first possesion, Ware, a rookie mind you, walked down to the end of the bench and gave words of encouragement and/or praise to every member of the 1st unit o-line. I was jacked when I saw this! Already was I thinking this kid is special. Little did I know it was one of many times Ware would impress me that evening.

    During a break a bit later in the first qtr, one of the coaches was on a knee talking to the o-line. The starters were sitting on the bench while the rest of the lineman were huddled around the coach facing the crowd. The shell game (where a ball is under one of three hats and you try to guess which one) came on the big screen for fan entertainment. Peterman blatantly stopped listening to what the coach was saying turned towards the jumbo-tron and was glued to the shell game. :confused: I thought he was going to throw up his hands and yell "Three, Three...it's under number three!" when it ended. Slightly more comical was Tucker. He tried his hardest to pay attention to what the coach was saying, but he just couldn't resist the temptation of the shell game. Four or five times Tucker would look up at the screen in awe. There is no question he is going to be a victim of 'mental mistakes' for some time to come.

    Wish I had more time (and clearer memories...few too many brews :D ) but I've got to get back to work.

    If anyone else was at the game I would love to here about your evening.
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    That is classic!! Thanks for the report! :lmao2:
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    Which section, 106/107 or 111/112? I was in 107. If you could see the O-line, it sounds like you might have been, too.

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    Love to hear from people who were up close and personal. Also, love to hear that Ware is being the defensive "cheerleader". Every team needs somebody to say "We Must Protect This House!!!".
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    Nice pic!
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