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    I really like Randle at RB, he seemed to always fall foward and has some nice vision as well. Randle and Tanner can get the job done untill Murray comes back.

    T Will is becoming a stud, the way he is coming back to the ball and have the awareness to give Romo a target when protection breaks down is amazing for a rookie. Dez, T Will with Beasley in the slot is tough to beat. Miles and Harris to keep them fresh makes this the deepest in the league.

    This offense needs to spread out like last week when we play Philly next week. Really hope we can go full throttle on offense with up tempo and getting 7.

    DLine is next man up and really like the pressure. Hatcher is a beast but needs help and I think coach will have them playing their best down the stretch.

    Fred is a monster and this OL is finally starting to gel, couldnt believe we was running the ball for short yardage and redzone and actually scoring. Waters is looking better and feel happy about their development. Props to Free and is earning his money now. We need to get better at run blocking the most but overall cant complain.

    Only have lost to AFC teams but we are what our record saids a .500 team. Winning a game and losing a game has to stop if we want to make the playoffs. Starting a win streak will help with confidence but also momentum.

    While this is a great win we need to go back to work and get ready for Philly, do some extra sprints this week.

    I feel if we stay in man to man we can improve our defense, The two guys on Philly we have to watch is Desean and Shady. More so Shady, the good news is with Lee and Carter roaming we can hold tight there but our safeties have to step up as well.

    Dallas wins 34-23 and propels us to a win streak.
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    I generally want to see a balanced attack, but the philly d can't seem to stop the pass (31st in the league)...throw lots on them, lots
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    The Dallas offense was Harris, 222 special team yards, that's 4 more than Dallas total offense for the night..
  5. CowboysPhan

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    True but when you have a return td, that takes away an offensive series, then we had to drives start at about the 10 and the 2, so we got three touchdowns while only traveling about 12 yards. That skews our offensive yardage total way out of whack with reality. I'm not worried about the yardage totals under those circumstances. Now if we had started at our own 20 all night and only got 213 total yards I'd be more concerned.
  6. windward

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    And bingo was his name-o. The offense wasn't great like vs Denver, but it wasn't abysmal as a quick perusal of the box score might suggest.
  7. sadams

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    tipped pass took away another score.
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    Exactly. Kind of interesting to see folks upset over the absence of plays on defense and special teams, then folks upset when we don't rack up impressive numbers on the offensive side of the ball because we made plays on defense and special teams. It shows up on the scoreboard, and that's where it counts. The fact that this team can win in all phases is huge.

    Couple of points to add:

    • Kiffin and Marinelli can just flat coach. Their guys play harder than any group I've seen this season. I don't care what the numbers are. They have a bunch of street free agents playing great football. Which leads to ...

    • How many more times did you hear "Nevis" last night than "Cofield," "Kerrigan" and "Orakpo?" Huge kudos to Callahan and his boys. Everyone is talking about Waters, Free and the rook, but Leary has been solid too and Smith is quietly having a Pro Bowl year.

    • Carr had a tremendous game last night. Scandrick too. All the corners played good football. More press-man coverage, please!
  9. morasp

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    I watched that play in slow motion and it didn't even look like Austin was trying. If nothing else it was a lack of concentration but it hit him in the hand and then he actually pulled his hands into his body instead of extending them. Very poor effort.
  10. starfrombirth

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    any link to this? I watched the game but I can't remember a pass to miles that would have been a touchdown.
  11. morasp

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    No, I just deleted the game from TiVo.
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    I think we have a top 5 Oline in the league right now. Fred and Smith are studs. Waters has brought a new attitude to the line which has been sorely missing. Love this group.
  13. dmq

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    I like what I saw from Nevis.
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  14. pugilist

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    he's got some wiggle, but I cringe at the thought of him picking up blitzes. as for Tanner, he needs to prove he can hold on to the ball. we need Murray back with a quickness.
  15. The Natural

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    It was the play that DeAngelo Hall made the play to tip the ball but it still hit Austin in his hands
  16. Zimmy Lives

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    Agree with all. To add to it: D-Ware is done. He reminds me of Bruce Smith his last year with the Skins. I joked before the season about all the d-linemen (Ware, Spencer, Rat, and Hatch) needing Rascal scooters before the end of the year. It looks like that may be the case. :(
  17. sbark

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    Liked the way we got penetration from Hayden and off the street number 70--Drake Nevis. I think Kiffen helped Marinelli by showing a lot of LB blitz and sending them enough to make them respect it. That also gave Hatcher one on one and he took advantage of it well.
  18. Zimmy Lives

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    This was key. They are going to have to continue to be creative with their schemes to allow Hatch to get one-on-ones until the other guys can pick it up.
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    Good post. I guess I would say a good team would go into Philly and get a win next week. I think we will know alot about this team next Sunday.
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    I too am impressed with how good Williams is when the play breaks down. Great chemistry already with Romo.

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