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    i thought that as well.
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    Part iof the reason for the lack of offense is the fact that we had, what, three drives starting inside the Redskins 20? Something like that. Anyway you cant really fault the offense for that.
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    I actually think we will perform much better on offense against Philly. Washington had 2 weeks to prepare, and this was a do or die game for them, not to mention this is Haslett's 7th game against us.

    Philly just doesn't have the pass rush that Washington has (I know the blitz didn't get home, but that had more to do with Romo) and they are just as bad in the secondary. The offense scares me a bit, but if it's Nick Fowles, not Vick, then we should be able to get to him.
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    Good observation, I would take it any day for 500 yards and 2 scores game. :)
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    Game made no sense.

    Hatcher is horrible yet he manhandled the Washington Redskin interior line that had run Morris for over 200 last season.

    The Dallas defense sucks yet the Redskins only mustered 16 points.

    The Redskins have regressed worse than any other team from 2012-2013.

    The Indian curse over the team name is real. The tribes need to remove it before we will win again with consistency.
  6. Stryker44

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    I felt like the Dallas offense took it easy once they realized the Redskins were inept on offense and would beat themselves.
  7. Manwiththeplan

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    I would hope not. One thing that makes the Broncos great, is they do not let off of their opponents. They'll mix in more second half runs, but even that, imo, is them trying to get the RBs ready for the tough late season games/post season.

    If we let off of Washington, after a 7-0 lead, that would be a huge mistake. Scoring TDs early/often is the only was to guarantee a win in this league

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    TWill had 2 catches for 22 yds. Stud for 1 catch, ok.
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    Our CB's playing press gave our line time to pressure RG3. Way to adjust the scheme based off personnel skill set.
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    And here lies the problem with most fans, they only watch their team, and feel they can say who is good and who isn't. Here's something you obviously didn't know, Hatcher leads all DTs with 5 sacks this season. Cameron Jordan and Muhammad Wilkenson (3-4 DEs) also have 5, so among all interior D-Linemen, he is tied for most sacks.

    Blaming anything on a curse, just shows you can't cope with your teams weaknesses. Truth is they played over their head last season and beat teams that they shouldn't have with a gimmicky offense.
  12. Stryker44

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    We won last year because of the Offensive Line and ability to run at will when needed. For some reason this year we abandoned the run...even though Morris can easily go for 120-150 and 25 carries a game...

    Hatcher has never been a factor against us...but for some reason this year we can't block him. Ugh.

    In the finale last year...RGIII only had 100 yards passing, yet Morris ran for over 200 and we win.

    Power run game wins games in this league. Same offensive line as last year. More practice running the system should lead to more efficiency. Something isn't adding up.
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    Yea and how many catches, yards and tds did Dez and Witten have? Are they not studs? I said becoming a stud, you have to look at more then just stats. How about T Will blocking downfield? His ability to draw double coverage sometimes? His awareness to help his QB when protection breaks down. Only 170 yards passing offense, players arent going to have 100 yard games
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    various stuff:
    Randle has to pass block better. if he does that and doesn't fumble the yardage is just gravy.
    RB is a position where we could add someone at the vet minimum tho now with two possible injuries.
    would have loved McGahee here.... --maybe a Ced Benson/Michael Turner is a fit.

    T-Will does really look good. that's important because WRs usually take a couple years to get their feet under them.

    the OL has looked good. Murray being healthy and WRs making plays helps them look good though.

    we need to catch some health breaks.
    a miraculous return by Ratliff, a quick return of Ware/Murray... this team is due for some good injury news.

    defensively we wont be able to play M2M every week all game. but we need it to be the base set for sure. no doubt our CBs are better in it.

    next week is worrisome because Philly will probably be more effective versus M2M. Shady and DeSean are big play guys who can get open and go the distance.
    keep them from big plays and we win going away versus a porous defense. gonna be interesting to see the game plans.

    what I like most is the fact we have so many young guys which are ascending.
    that is how you win in December.
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    You have to pass well to win in the NFL - or at least pass better than the other team. Griffin had a bad night throwing the ball.

    As far as last year, Griffin ran a lot more than he is running now and that had teams so off balance that guys were getting open easier. He has been running less this year - perhaps due to still recovering from injury. But going forward I dont think the coaches will ask him to run as much as last year because that kind of play increases injury risk for your QB and the beating shortens their career.
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    While that is true, 2 of our defeats have come to still undefeated teams.
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    Good post, but I disagree on Randle. 11 rushes for 17 yards with 11 coming on 1 play is not very good. He looked hesitant and wasn't hitting the holes with any force. He's a rookie, so I'll give him a pass but he'll have to show much better than what he did last night. The rest of your post is spot on.
  18. Irvin88_4life

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    Most of his carries came when killing time, everybody knew we was running and he picked up yards to seal the victory. Another carry came just a few yards from the goal line. I want to see him for a whole game and see what he can do. That said I agree he has to do better but lets see for extended game action...

    Not being able to run in for a TD has been a problem so with Randle punching it in was a welcome sight.
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    That is true. Both with in a FG. We have to win those close games against better teams. If offense played KC like they did Denver and defense play Denver like KC we win both those games. Hopefully we pull it all together to make a run. We will see what we are made of against Philly, a must win
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