OC Norv Turner possibly in the running for the OC for the Vikes and Ravens OC.

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Bigdog, Jan 15, 2014.

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    congrats Minnesota you now have a full staff of former cowboys coaches, two have never really achieved any high level of anything in Edwards and zimmer.

    I cant tell you how happy I am that zimmer and turner in no way are coming here.

    next year when the garrett goose is cooked I hope we have a whole new direction with all new staff and hopefully some front office people.

    Look around the league and think of the units that are always good and play at a high level no matter what...those are the places I want to find my coaches. What happened in San Diego this year is a pretty large negative for Norv Turner IMO, its no different than if we had hired say Pete Carmichael this year or ken whisenhut and made the playoffs at 9-7. People would be saying see how garrett held them back. Pretty Clear norv had issues in san diego.

    Again, I am so glad none of these names are coming here in the future.
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    Zimmer makes a world of sense for a team in Minny's position.

    MIN is also going to be playing outside for a couple years again. With Norv leaning on Peterson and developing a young top-10 QB (if they're lucky enough to have one worth taking there for them) and Zimmer plugging some of their holes along the DL on defense, this is going to be a fun team to watch for a couple years. If they'd even rode Cassell this season, I think they'd have won a few more games. They're a few patches defensively away from 10-6 and a shot at a wildcard. I'd love to see a outdoor January game in Minnesota again next season.
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    they blew a number of games in the final minutes. they have a number of talented players.

    They could be the team that turns it right around next year. Detroit could say the same, so can tampa.
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    Not going to be a popular take but I am so right there with you it is beyond belief.

    Zimmer was here during the infamous triple 5. He left and has certainly shown well since if you ignore that he worked for a defensive-minded head coach who himself won a SB as a DC and give all credit for that Bengals D to Zimmer at least.
    Turner certainly knows offense and his impact in SF was high, again if you ignore that they've continued to win minus Norv not missing a beat.
    My biggest issue with both as returnees is it represents what's wrong with this franchise. Recycling the good ole boys and playing pin the tail on the donkey with Jerry's rolodex is no way to build a franchise.

    Time to move forward and hopefully with fresh ideas and a modern approach.
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    honestly I couldn't even imagine zimmer and turner here together....with jerry in charge...

    it would be a nightmare, for me anyway.

    Time to do away with all the good ol boys including garrett.

    I am really hoping next year we at least get some good coaches with maybe a really good top guy. Maybe that would be enough to almost overcome jerry the way parcells did with an excellent staff.

    its hard though, dealing with the jones family will be an almost impossible task for anyone. I am looking forward to it though. There are a number of good assistant coaches that have been part of high quality units for years in places like new Orleans, Pittsburgh, new England.
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    You say that until Jerry names someone like Wade Wilson or Butch Davis head coach...
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    well of course, but to me they are the same as zimmer or turner.

    I don't want any of these former people who were here when jimmy was here. they are all a disaster waiting to happen.

    It doesn't look like shanahan or kubiak are going to get jobs this year.....I bet that duo becomes the first two hanging over garretts head when camp starts.
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    That is the rub IMHO. How in infuse fresh ideas yet manage Jerry's needy child routine.

    In my mind a perfect scenario is we win 10 next year and Garrett gets an extension.
    We see continued improvement in game mgmt and roster building.

    Then Garrett hires a hot off the press college coach as OC to come in and add some fresh takes on this offense. --a guy who adds ideas, calls plays and then works some with a young QB as well.
    And we promote Eferblus(sp?) to DC while keeping Marinelli as DL Coach and add a LB coach to replace E from the college ranks.

    Next option is another non-playoff year, clean house and hope for a master stroke hire.... --long shot but it is what it is.
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    I was getting ready to say this. Rivers looked better when Norv was there, and let's not forget the fact that he was HC in San Diego, not OC.
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    Well I think Zimmer is a lot tougher and a lot more likely to stand up to Jerry than those other guys. Maybe Norv would, too, but he's just such a weak personality and I think he's more than used up all his head coach chances.

    I think we'd all like someone from the outside, but who knows if Jerry will actually do it. I'd love to see Tony get one last shot with Shanahan and Kubiak, but Shanny just had a bad experience with a meddling owner and might not want to repeat that.

    With not many Friends of Jerry available next year, I could almost see him going the college route, especially if Kelly keeps doing well at Philly. Maybe he goes after a Briles or Malzahn, two very successful and innovative guys he has some connection with?
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    I'm not defending Norv, as I think he has some deficiencies. But I think AJ Smith gets some blame for San Diego as well.
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    Speaking of..

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    For sure.
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    You are evil..aren't you..?


    May the Force be with you.

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