Oct 28 Mock - I know a terrible thing to do but were 500 team

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    1 DT
    Ego Ferguson, DT, 6-2 #310 LSU
    Anthony Johnson*, DT, 6-2 #300 LSU
    Timmy Jernigan*, DT, 6-2 #300Florida State
    DaQuan Jones, DT, 6-3 #320 PennState
    if none of DT are there
    Cyril Richardson, G, Baylor
    Haha Clinton-Dix*, FS, Alabama

    2 Gabe Jackson, OG, 6-4 #320 MississippiState

    Melvin Gordon*, RB, 6-1 # 210 Wisconsin
    Gordon has been one of the most explosive backs in the nation this year. The lightning fast ball-carrier has brought an explosive element to the Badgers' backfield that Montee Ball never provided during his great college career. Gordon has maintained an average of 10 yards per carry this year with 698 yards on only 68 carries and seven touchdowns. He has a rare combination of size and speed
    Sick of Murray being sick

    Dion Bailey*, FS, 6 210 USC

    Ty Zimmerman, FS, 6-1 #205 Kansas State

    3 Jarvis Landry*, WR, 6-1 #185 LSU
    Davante Adams**, WR, 6-3 # 220 Fresno State

    Marion Grice, RB, 6 #205 Arizona State
    James Wilder Jr.*, RB, 6-2 #226 Florida State

    4 Jeoffrey Pagan*, DE/DT, 6-4 #290 Alabama
    Kony Ealy*, DE, 6-5 #275 Missouri

    5 Wesley Johnson, OG/ OT, 6-5 #295 Vanderbilt
    Johnson is an undersized, but versatile offensive lineman. He's played well in 2013 including a good performance against South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Johnson has started at center, guard and tackle in his career and is plying left tackle this year. In the NFL, the senior might be better off moving inside. He needs to add weight and there are some doubts about his ability to do it. Johnson is a technician who fights through the whistle and is very intelligent. Sources told WalterFootball.com they have Johnson grading out as a fifth- or sixth-round pick, but they could see a team that really likes him pulling the trigger in the fourth round

    6 Cornelius Lucas, OT, 6-8 #330
    Strengths: Lucas is a large human being with a naturally wide base and an engulfing wingspan to eat up rushers off the snap. Lucas works hard to gain correct positioning and win with angles, staying balanced and patient with good reaction quickness to trust his eyes and quickly adjust. Really benefits from his aggressive mean streak.
    Analysis: He is much more athletic than most his size, but he still plays like a tight and needs to show more natural knee bend, struggling with leverage. Lucas also needs to refine his hand use to better land his jabs and control defenders.

    7 Tom Savage, QB, 6-4 #230
    The 2014 NFL draft class seems to get heavier and heavier with quarterback talent every day. After Zach Mettenberger entered the spotlight for LSU, another name has begun to creep up the lists for year-round experts. Though Tom Savage doesn’t play for an elite program at Pittsburgh, it’s worth noting he comes from the same school that produced Dan Marino. Savage will receive low marks for playing less quality competition but scouts aren’t fooled because they can see the measurable lining up. At 6’3″ he has optimum height and the game tape shows a pro arm with plenty of accuracy to back it up. He was a hot topic as a freshman at Rutgers but after two transfers to Arizona and then Pitt, he’s only now getting back on the map. Perhaps the most exciting thing about him is some respectable experts compare him favorably with another quarterback who transferred in college: Troy Aikman.


    John Hubert, RB, KansasState Height: 5-7. Weight: 191.
    Isaiah Crowell*, RB, AlabamaState Height: 5-11. Weight: 215.
    Michael Dyer**, RB, Louisville Height: 5-9. Weight: 210.
    Roderick McDowell, RB, Clemson Height: 5-10. Weight: 200.
    Henry Josey*, RB, Missouri Height: 5-10. Weight: 190.
    Marcus Coker*, RB, Stony Brook Height: 6-0. Weight: 230.
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    I am not a big fan of Ego Ferguson, Anthony Johnson, or Timmy Jernigan. They have all under produced. If Dallas were to take a DT in the first I would go with Tuit from Notre Dame. He has much more sacks playing DE in a 3-4 than these DTs. He could easily slide to DT and would be a similar player to Jason Hatcher.
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    just as long as they can get help along D line

    heck maybe we end up bad enuf to go get Clowney
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    I think we are better off hoping he gets a DUI and slides
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    Those 2 Guards will probably get drafted before those DTs.
  6. dart

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    well switch them around then - this here was just my first roughed draft
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    I endorse this message. Gabe Jackson will be a stud.

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