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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by BigDFan5, Jul 13, 2006.

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    A league source tells us that Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman has been suspended four games for violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy.
    The suspension helps to explain the team's surprising decision to select linebacker Ahmad Brooks in the third round of the Supplemental Draft. However, Brooks has had his own history with banned substances; he was once arrested for possession of marijuana, and Jason Cole reported for the Miami Herald last month that Brooks failed two drug tests while at the University of Virginia.
    As to Thurman, word is that he is making a conscientious effort to rectify the problem. We're told that he wants to comply with the rules and to play football. With that said, a four-game suspension is imposed only after a player has progressed through several levels of the substance abuse program, which means that the problem has been around for a while. Here's hoping that he can get on the right track, because he definitely has the talent to be a force in the NFL.
    The four-game suspension takes effect after the final preseason game on September 1 at Indianapolis. He'll miss games on September 10 at Kansas City, September 17 at home against the Browns, September 24 at Pittsburgh, and October 1 at home against the Patriots.
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    Just makes me feel good that it's not the Cowboys.

    This type of thing just brings up very bad memories.
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    Apparently, they drafted Ahmad Brooks to replace him. Not on the field, but off it :lmao:
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    they are putting together a team with quite a rap sheet

    they may never win a super bowl, but I bet they domiante the hell out of the CPL

    California Penal League

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    Holy mackerel, that team is dominating the off season news and not for the right reasons.

    5 bucks says the Redskins fans aren't going over there to "discuss it" with their fans.
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    you may be on to something.......... It TO farts in public this board will be full of deadskins!
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    Thats just great logic by the Bengals. They drafted a great football player in Odell Thurman who had serious character issues. Lets just reload with another one in the wings. M
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    Man this is becoming routine unfortunately and sadly they're a young team with virtually no veteran locker room leadership...
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    Chris Henry-wr-Bengals-arrested 3 times in the last two months.
    Frostee Rucker-DE(Draft Pick)-Bengals-ESPN just did a piece on how he likes to beat women and assault them.
    Odell Thurman-LB-Suspended 4 games substance abuse...I think I read something about character issues before his draft.
    Ahmad Brooks-LB-Virginia-Kicked off the team at Virginia...
    ...This team should be under the microscope for getting these players. I know Henry was unruly at West Virginia and Rucker has a long history of abusing women. Not sure about Thurman's past but now Brooks????
    Thier PR dept. will be spinning overtime to make this look good.
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    I graduated with a degree in Public Relations and I wouldn't want to deal with the backlash of these mishaps.
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    Ya really gotta wonder about the Bengals. Chris Henry & Odell Thurman have been giving them migranes the past year, so what do they do? Draft head cases A.J. Nicholson, LB, Fla. St., & Ahmad Brooks, LB, Virginia. Way to head off the problem.

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    The Bengals will go 1-3 against these four teams. Put five little girls to block for me and I could run all over this defense. Larry Johnson and Wille Parker will have a field day. Without Thurman, and with Palmer not 100% the Bengals will plummet early in the season. This team overachieved last year with a joke schedule and by getting alot of turnovers. I expect them to go 8-8 or worse.

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