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    Returning FA's

    Cuts/Not resigned

    Free Agent Signings
    Carl Nicks- The more I look at this the more realistic this becomes. Its been well documented the Saints have a ton of FA's to resign and I think its possible that Nicks goes unsigned. Especially since they just threw a whole bunch of $$ at Evans last season. That would be a large % of their cap to invest in just 1 position, especially OG.

    Corey Graham- I know a lot of people are expecting a big splash at CB, but I just dont see it happening with Scandrick making good $ and the front office most likely wanting to take a CB in the early rounds. Graham is a solid nickle back who will be a good emergency plan/depth.

    Aubrayo Franklin- Rat moves to DE and Franklin goes into the NT rotation. Great run stuffer and block eater who will free up the LB'ers and DE's to make plays.

    Chad Henne- Im just not a fan of McGee, I dont think he gives us a shot at winning any football games. Henne never quite made it as a starter, but I still think he has a lot of talent and would make a great backup.

    Lofa Tatupu- Why not give him a 1 year deal? He had a full year off to recover from all of his injuries and should be ready to go next year. He will have a lot to play for and a lot to prove. A good low risk/high reward move and an insurance option to Bruce Carter.

    #14- Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama- With Nicks already signed DeCastro wont be the pick at 14. Kirkpatrick drops because of the pot charge he caught recently and Jerry scoops him up. I will admit that Im not the biggest fan of Dre at CB. I think he will be solid for a year or 2, but I think he could easily be 1 of the better FS's in the league in a few years with his size and speed combo.

    #45- Vinny Curry OLB Marshall- Curry is a freak of an athlete with his size (6'4 263). He is an absolute force rushing off the edge. I think he is for us what Aldon Smith was for the 49'ers this year. A situational pass rusher. He could easily get 10 sacks, even with splitting time with Spencer. The combo of Spencer/Curry opposite of Ware improves the defense greatly.

    #83- Kendall Reyes DE UConn- The athletic 5 tech that we were looking at in JJ Watt early last year. Not saying hes quite the prospect Watt was, but hes a great value here in the 3rd. Went to Uconn as a 245 lb 3 sport athlete and ended up as 290 lb DE/DT. Was a 2 time team captain who is commended for his work ethic.

    #114- Ladarius Green TE La.-Lafayette- Ok I give in on everyone elses pet cat. This kid has huge potential as a play making TE. Needs to continue bulking up and improving his run blocking skills to stay on the field consistently, but the potential is there to warrant the pick.

    #145- Marquis Maze WR/KR Alabama- Undersized, but has good hands and is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. At best he is a great weapon in the slot and a kick/punt return threat, at worst he is a pure return specialist.

    #176 Adrien Cole ILB LA Tech- Tackling machine who could be a good run stuffing/situational ILB in the future.

    #207- Dan Persa QB Northwestern- Undersized but is athletic at very accurate. Think he can develop into a good backup down the line
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    Saints will find a way to keep Carl Nicks

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