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Off-Season Priority #1: Find A Running Game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheFinisher, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. zack

    zack Well-Known Member

    2,584 Messages
    748 Likes Received
    And I guarantee Romo will benefit too...
  2. percyhoward

    percyhoward Research Tool

    11,197 Messages
    7,014 Likes Received
    The Patriots, Broncos, and Packers don't run that much in the first half of games. They're only on your list because they run late after they build leads. You can confirm this by looking at the number of pass attempts by their QB in the first half of games. Brady, Manning, and Rodgers are among the leaders in 1st half attempts.

    The Falcons are also a playoff team, and they aren't on your list. Ryan is second only to Brees in first half attempts.

    None of these teams is among the top 10 in yards per rush. They are able to have a high number of rushing attempts because they build leads by outpassing their opponents. The Falcons, Packers, Patriots, and Broncos are all top 7 in passer rating differential, however. There's your important stat.
  3. Lazyking

    Lazyking Active Member

    791 Messages
    103 Likes Received
    Hmm seems to me like Garrett needs to be a better playcaller. The second the Cowboys fall behind, he's calling pass plays of some form every down. Part of it is the defense not making stops but our offense doesn't click early.. Garrett wants the running backs to get 8 yards per carry to keep running the ball, if they don't he goes away from it.

    Honestly, I thought the run game against the Skins was fine, a few losses but Murray was getting about 4 and half yards other times.
  4. Pessimist_cowboy

    Pessimist_cowboy Well-Known Member

    4,075 Messages
    1,847 Likes Received
    Stephan Taylor enough said .
  5. alohawg

    alohawg Well-Known Member

    1,653 Messages
    224 Likes Received
    Best instant upgrade to the offense in general- leave Garrett completely out of any involvement with it. Put him in a booth with a couple of those pole dancers to keep him occupied.
  6. RealCowboyfan

    RealCowboyfan Championship

    4,587 Messages
    0 Likes Received

    That's what will make Romo clutch, a running game.
  7. percyhoward

    percyhoward Research Tool

    11,197 Messages
    7,014 Likes Received
    Passing is so important that exaggerations like that one are tempting. It's still an exaggeration. Eli had a 75.9 red zone passer rating last year. Romo's was 105.9. They outscored us because they had 17 rushing TD to our 5.
  8. AdamJT13

    AdamJT13 Salary Cap Analyst

    15,916 Messages
    2,449 Likes Received
    No, I don't.
  9. Doomsday

    Doomsday Rising Star

    11,042 Messages
    756 Likes Received
    The offensive line / running game has been a disaster longer than that. It has been an ongoing theme since a few years after Jimmy left in my opinion. They have had a few decent seasons since 1998, but those have been more of an aberration than the norm.

    Adam, I agree that passing is more important but would you be willing to agree that a passing game is more effective when it is balanced with a solid running game? We saw how much more effective the offense was when Murray was on the field the last 6 weeks, it opened up some passing lanes and set up the play action passing.
  10. Zman5

    Zman5 Well-Known Member

    6,932 Messages
    2,771 Likes Received
    Did Redskins start running more only when they had the lead? Do Seattle only run when they have the lead?

    Go watch the games instead of just looking at the numbers and drawing wrong conclusions.
  11. CowboyRoy

    CowboyRoy Well-Known Member

    4,607 Messages
    1,734 Likes Received
  12. AdamJT13

    AdamJT13 Salary Cap Analyst

    15,916 Messages
    2,449 Likes Received
    You're still recycling that garbage stat from 2011?

    The Giants scored more points than us in 2011 for only one reason: They had 12 more possessions than we did that season. We scored more points per possession than they did.
  13. hutch1254

    hutch1254 Well-Known Member

    1,611 Messages
    350 Likes Received
    Adam...I appreciate your info you provide. What do you feel is the priority(ies) going forward? For me its building up the lines on both sides and more balanced play calling. I remember you said in some other posts about how we would win a game if we passed more efficiently (effectively? Can't remember which word you used). Improving the Oline would allow us to run the ball more efficiently, allow us to have the balance we need. What do you think?
  14. AdamJT13

    AdamJT13 Salary Cap Analyst

    15,916 Messages
    2,449 Likes Received
    I watch games *and* I pay attention to what makes teams win. Teams don't win because they run the ball more often. Some teams run more, and some teams run less. You can win either way, as long as you pass the ball more effectively than your opponent. THAT is the key to winning, not running it more or passing it more.
  15. percyhoward

    percyhoward Research Tool

    11,197 Messages
    7,014 Likes Received
    So naturally every one of those 12 extra possessions resulted in a rushing TD.
  16. Zman5

    Zman5 Well-Known Member

    6,932 Messages
    2,771 Likes Received

    I understand running game isn't as important as the passing game in the current NFL when it come to winning.

    But look at the QBs you've just mentioned. Brady, Manning, Brees, and Rogers are top tier QBs. Unless you have one of them, you need a second option like what A. Morris provides for RG3.

    Do you think Seattle, Minnesota, Washington, and Houston would have done as well as they did without their run game? I doubt it.

    At this point, it's easier to improve our running game then trying to find the next Rogers or Brady.
  17. Zordon

    Zordon Well-Known Member

    12,651 Messages
    10,038 Likes Received

    the problem is when this team needs a yard, they cannot get it with ease on the ground, been like that for years. no short yardage, negative run plays, and the inability to keep defenses honest.
  18. Zman5

    Zman5 Well-Known Member

    6,932 Messages
    2,771 Likes Received
    Do you think the way RG3 was playing on Sunday, if they had abandon the run they would have won?

    Unless you have a top tier QB (Rogers, Brady, Manning) who can consistantly pass well week in and week out, you need a running game to help you win games.
  19. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    22,580 Messages
    12,318 Likes Received
  20. percyhoward

    percyhoward Research Tool

    11,197 Messages
    7,014 Likes Received
    What I was objecting to was that it seemed like you were saying the key to winning was having a lot of rushing attempts.

    While we could stand to be more productive running the ball, we also need to pass much better than the opponent. That doesn't mean we have to find another Rodgers or Brady. We've already got a top 10 QB. What we have to do in order to pass better than our opponents is improve on our 29th ranked pass defense.

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