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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by CanadianCowboysFan, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Is it just me or has all of the Barry Sanders talk these last few days made you want to puke.

    All over the Sanders was way better than Emmitt Smith crap has resurfaced. I have seen quotes where Smith said that Sanders would own the rushing record if he had not quit etc so Cowboy haters are jumping on that to say that Smith is acknowledging that Sanders was out of his league etc.

    I would not trade Smith of the 90s for Sanders of the 90s. They each had their own qualities but I know that if I had 3rd and goal from the one with thirty seconds to go, I would much rather have 22 in the backfield than 20.
  2. Roughneck

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    They're two completely different styles of Running Back. You can build an Offense around either one though.
  3. CanadianCowboysFan

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    I agree and I have tried to point that out to people but Cowboy haters being what they are have to make out that Smith was not in Sanders' league which is bs.
  4. da_boyz_mk

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    i think it's safe to say that barry definately had more physical skills than emmit with his speed and moves. it's emmit's intangibles like toughness, motivation, and warrior like intensity that made him a greater runner in my opinion.
  5. Tio

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    I think Emmitt is a much better all around player. He didn't have to come out in short yardage situations, and obvious passing downs. barry sanders was a better runner, emmitt was the better football player...
  6. baj1dallas

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    Barry would never say how great he was, so people go out of their way to compliment him. He doesn't go around saying he's better than anybody else, so don't blame him for people who just like to cause trouble.

    Barry was a great player and a really nice, humble, likeable guy. The epitome of a Detroit sports star. Yzerman, Trammel, Dumars,'s no wonder people are crazy about him.

    Emmit was a great back and that doesn't take away from Barry, so I don't see why there needs to be an argument about who was better. Its like arguing over what's better between two blondes, and two redheads.
  7. TLW47

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    It doesn't matter. It's an argument that has no right or wrong because it's opinion.

    All that we know is Barry retired.

    All that we know is Emmitt didn't and owns the NFL all-time rushing record.

    Whatever Barry could, should or would have done doesn't matter because he didn't, he won't and it's over.
  8. TX Cowboy

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    I agree in the end it doesn't matter might have happend Barry could have been alot of things, but none of that matters now why? because it was his choice to leave Emmitt IMO shows more heart then that pathetic puke ever

    for the way he acted IMO he didn't deserve to hold Paytons record I think it would have been an insult to Walter and Jim Brown, that a cry baby like him could ever hold something that was so important to every running back that ever played the game.

    So I for one am glad Emmitt James Smith holds that record atleast a RB with the same class and diginity and Brown and Payton is making that record look real damm good now

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