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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by big dog cowboy, Apr 23, 2006.

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    Reading the JFE article and thinking about our offense I thought I would look into the numbers a little. For the 2005 season this is how we ranked:

    Total Off - 13
    Run - 13
    Pass - 15

    With the bad line play for the last half of the season, that is not terrible. Imagine how much better we would have finished if Flo had not gone down and taken the play of the line with him. Now I'm not saying the FA's we signed will be the answer to our O problems, but it seems to me we should already be much improved over last year.

    With Flo, Rivera and Petitti all healthy we will be better. With Kosier and Fabini on board we will be better. With Hannam our TE blocking will be better. Johnson coming back stronger than ever will be better. Adding TO and Crayton back healthy will make us much, much better. Singing Vandy to be our kicker........priceless.

    We will miss LA and Key, but overall I see no reason we can't be efficient and put up some decent numbers. We won't be a top 5 offense, but we don't need to be with our D. We probably won't score 30+ points very often, but 20 or more will win us many many games.

    We are getting a little long in the tooth with a few players. But overall, I do not believe our offense is as bad as some posters try to make it seem. While it may appear to be a pedestrian offense to some, I think we have already upgraded enough this offseason (in addition to the returning players mentioned above coming back better) that we can not only get into the playoffs, but do some damage while we're there.
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    Nice post. To me, it comes down to a few positions on how successful our offense can be, with OL being the main concern.

    Fabini/Petitti: How much gas does Fabini have in the tank and has he completely bounced back from last year? With Petitti, it all comes down too how much has he improved after one full season of play...

    Kosier/Peterman: Like most, I'm in the dark when it comes to predicting how Kosier will do. All I can say about Peterman is this, he has done very little to make a name for himself since becoming a Cowboy. He is known for being a tough run blocker with a nasty attitude, but he brings very little to the passing game and struggles in space. I would love to see this area addressed in the draft, preferably on Day 1.

    Glenn/Crayton: Glenn was awesome last year, I don't see how we could have expected much more. Glenn just needs to stay healthy. Adding Owens only gives Glenn more room to operate. Crayton, he started out pretty solid and then disappeared after the injury. Hopefully he bounces back because he have no depth from #4 on down.

    Adams/Colombo: With Colombo being nothing more than a question mark at this point, it's a must that we get an above average season or better from FLO, and he has to stay healthy.

    For the most part, the offense this year should only improve from its rankings of last year, but throw in an injury here or there and we could quickly take a big drop, with WR and QB being 2 areas that we can't afford to suffer any serious injuries.
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    We have to get ONE solid offensive lineman in this draft IMO
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    I think we need to get at least 1 solid OL in this draft.

    Preferably a guy who has versatility to play Guard and OT down the line.
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    I realize this is not ground breaking news but this team's oline will be the key to this season...

    I think we are fine at the skill positions if healthy... I am real worried about the depth at WR...

    I think the Defense will be in the upper third of the league and I expect so will the special teams...

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