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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jerseybuck, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. jerseybuck

    jerseybuck New Member

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    since its a possibility that we may have a OC next year who would you want to see in dallas thats available?
  2. batman36

    batman36 Active Member

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    Hello sir, and welcome to the Zone! I like Saints OC Pete Carmichael, jr.
  3. Redball Express

    Redball Express All Aboard!!!

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    Ernie Zampese.
  4. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

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    Callahan is the OC

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    For a 3rd tour? Guy has been out of Football for like 8 years.

    You are Fearless!
  6. jrumann59

    jrumann59 Well-Known Member

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    Go back to the source Don Coryell:showme:
  7. Dallas

    Dallas Old bulletproof tiger

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    Just curious as to why this is in the NEWS ZONE and not the FAN ZONE? I know I get my hands smacked enough around here.

  8. SWG9

    SWG9 Well-Known Member

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    LOLZ. I vote Jack Reilly or Bruce Coslet.
  9. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    I say we stick with Garrett. Nobody adjusts to what teams are doing or puts their players in a position to succeed better than that guy.
  10. panchucko

    panchucko It's Back

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    That gave me the shakes.
  11. Beast_from_East

    Beast_from_East Well-Known Member

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    :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  12. Oh_Canada

    Oh_Canada Well-Known Member

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    I like the idea of Geep Chryst, QB coach in SF. Done a great job with both Kaepernick and Smith and he's a Princeton grad to boot.
  13. BoysFan4ever

    BoysFan4ever Well-Known Member

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    Isn't there a rule in the NFL that if a coach is making a lateral move to a new team he has to be given permission by his current team?

    I ask because why would NO or any team give up their coordinator if he's good & it's working out?
  14. ManicDepressiveMan

    ManicDepressiveMan Member

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    I say give Callahan a shot at actually coordinating the offense and calling the plays, then maybe bring in a new OL coach like Tony Sparano.
  15. ykc

    ykc Active Member

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    :bow: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  16. HoustonFrog

    HoustonFrog Well-Known Member

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    Wow, so I can see shots of him chewing on pencils and calling draw plays....ala Garrett
  17. JackWagon

    JackWagon Well-Known Member

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    Paul Brown Sr.
  18. TheCoolFan

    TheCoolFan Well-Known Member

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    Gimme Maurice Carthon!
  19. calicowboy54

    calicowboy54 Active Member

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    I like this option... Callahan call the plays and Sparano do the OL and if that does not work flip them...
  20. DenCWBY

    DenCWBY Well-Known Member

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    And that's sarcasm right?

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