Offensive Ineptitude = Bill Callahan

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dware94, Oct 28, 2013.

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    I know it’s like beating a dead horse, but I haven’t seen our offense this bad in a long time, so I can only point to one thing – Bill Callahan. You can’t blame the offensive line, or the lack of running game because Garrett never had those while calling plays either (not saying Garrett is the answer). I know we’ve had games where we put big numbers, but as far as putting a long scoring drive together its nonexistent. We are either big play or bust.
    This may have to be confirmed, but I thought I saw Romo shake his in disgust as the call came in and he looked at his wristband. It happened right after they overturned Williams catch on the sideline, and the cameras are zoomed in on the Dallas huddle. Romo gets the call, shakes his head, and sure enough he has to throw the ball away. The blocking was atrocious on the play, but I think that’s why Romo shook his head because he knew his protection couldn’t withstand the long routes. Also, anyone notice that Williams TD came on a play that Romo called, and not Callahan? After converting on 3rd down, Romo called no huddle, called the play at the LOS, and we scored a TD. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but after the last three games, I think not.
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    One week later - nah man we just scored 38 against Minnesota, we are good.

    I agree, gotta find ways to be productive on the road against good teams. That is the playoffs.
  3. TheCount

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    Sure, blame Callahan. That's easy.

    We'll just ignore the fact that the offensive inconsistencies predate him.
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    and there we have it ladies and gentlemen

    callahan and kiffin are being primed to be the fall guys for teflon garrett
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    Wait... Isnt the dallas offense second in the NFL in points scored? I dont think the offense is the biggest problem here guys... Only Denver has scored more points and no matter how you cut it points SCORED is the best way to measure an offense. Last year we had had tons of yards but were mediocre scoring points. You can whine all ya want but 30 PPG should get you mostly wins in the league unless your defense just suxs.
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    Uh no. This crap has been going on for years before Nebraska failure got invited to the party.
  7. CaptainMorgan

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    I somewhat agree But this offense has been the beneficiary of many defensive turnovers and excellent special teams which had in part helped to mask some of their deficiencies.
  8. Nirvana

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    I think we are all susceptible to concentrating on the last mistakes made that decided the game, instead of looking at each play as an important piece in the whole package of mistakes that led to a loss. On that note, the play calling on our offensive drives during the game were often impotent, such as frequent running plays on 2nd down that led to no gain or even loss of yardage, setting up difficult 3rd down conversions. The play calling needs more bite, more guts, and less predictability.
  9. sideon

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    Wait so Callahan has been calling plays since 08?(sarcasm). It's still Garrett's playbook being used and it doesn't matter who calls the plays because the PB is crap to begin with.
  10. Staubacher

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    Plays have to work. We ran a few times on 2nd and like 3 and lost yards. If we pass on those plays and it fails everyone is screaming we are pass happy why don't we run again after a 7 yard run on first down? and even running out the clock on the last two drives we not only didn't get a first but we lost 2 to 3 yards on every run. That is pathetic.

    We have backup RBs and an Oline that after a good start to the season is getting worse and worse.
  11. links18

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    Well, when the offense fails to show up for half a game; they aren't reaching their potential in terms of points scored. We scored 30, we needed 32. One more FG in the first half and we win. Instead, the offense managed only three points on its own--the TD coming gift wrapped by the defense. (OK, Dez did make a sick catch for the TD).
  12. Common Sense

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    Not sticking up for the ineptitude of this offense, but everyone said the same things about Sean Payton.
  13. Doomsay

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    And are eerily similar.
  14. dware94

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    Totally agree. We had a chance to jump on them early, instead our offense gained less than 100 total yards in the firs half. Denver scored on two screens in the 4th qtr to beat Washington's blitz (they made adjustments). We seem to stick to the script no matter how we're performing. For whatever reason, we have forgotten about the playaction rollout that used to be a staple in this offense. Seems like that would've been a good play when the Lions were selling out on the run our last two possessions.
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  15. Nirvana

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    And that is precisely why we should have mixed in more play action, screens and short routes on those failed running plays. We are not going to our strengths but following a prescription of plays that we were not strong at. Our star players like Dez, Witten, Beasley and Romo were handcuffed with safe, predictable play calling, particularly when they put 8 in the box and focused on stopping the run.

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