Offensive Line... The Trickle Down Effect

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rpatricc, Dec 31, 2012.

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    I dont think this team is that far away from being a contender. We had some tough injuries this year, bad playcalling, and worse time management that contributed to us going 8-8, when we realistically should have been 10-6. But I feel one mistake by Jerry (most of us saw at the time) tanked the season... going cheap on the OL and thinking that a coach (Callahan) could somehow work magic with untalented players. The weak interior offensive line created a domino effect that this team could not (and will not) overcome. It generated no push in the run game, forcing Romo to throw too often. It allowed pressure up the middle when Romo did throw, failing time and time again to pick up linebacker cross blitzes, leading to incompletions and interceptions. It prevented us from sustaining drives. Which led to losing the the time-of-possession battle and keeping our bend-but-dont-break defense on the field far too long.

    This team is a far different team if we get a new stud C (2nd round draft pick?) and RG (free agent), promote Parnell (and make Free the swing tackle). I will live with Livings at LG, sandwiched between Tyron and a stud C. What happens? Running 4 yards a pop, better play-action passing, less pressure in Tony's face when he does pass, sustained drives, rested defense. I PRAY THAT JERRY SEES THIS THE SAME WAY.
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    I'm not sure I like your plan. I'm not sold on Parnell AT ALL. He seems like a cheaper Doug Free to me.

    For center, I can live with Costa and Cook as the backup. I want two new guards in there, one in FA, one in the draft.

    Use our first rounder on a right tackle.

    That's how you fix the line, IMO.
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    Looking back, it is really hard to believe JJ and Co thought all we needed to fix the OL is Bernie and Livings. I suppose Callahan had some imput in the signings...but JJ's name in on both contracts.
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    FA linemen are not the answer....don't build with other people's scrubs (see last year). Build through the draft. Make a commitment to draft 3 or 4 OL in high rounds.

    The patchwork OL has not worked will normally see a 50% hit rate so they will need to go heavy OL to actually resolve.
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    Jerruh for whatever reason has never considered that you need to put resources into each area sufficient to make them NOT a weakness. He has continually thought that shiny toys llike WRs and RBs and CB's are all you need. Scrubs on the lines do just fine. NOT
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    He does seem to think we can take care of OL with lower picks and FA. He is a genius. Just wait until Ron Leary gets on the field in two or three years.....that will show the rest of the league that JJ is a good personnel man. ( this entry was made in an attempt at humor ).
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    We need a new starter at RG. Mack can stick around as a swing backup on the inside. We need a new starter at RT. Free needs cut ASAP. Parnell is a decent swing but not a 16 game starter

    Tyron will be fine at LT
    Livings is good enough at LG
    Would prefer to upgrade at center but RG and RT come first
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    Fine isn't good enough considering the investment made in Tyron Smith. I frankly expected more from him this year. He wasn't horrible, however, I had dilutions of grandeur that he would rapidly become the #1 LT in the NFL this season.

    I know he is young, however, he needs to take that next step next season in fufilling his potential or the OL will be in trouble no matter what.

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