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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Well, if they do a crappy job, it should show up in their results. That's why I'm curious...just looking at the Cowboys rankings in the OP, I couldn't find a big argument with any of them. From what I remember being discussed here over the past couple of years, they seem to done a fairly good job with our o-line, or at least they seemed in the ballpark. If they are as crappy as you're saying, we'd be expecting some whacky results, and from the very limited sample I've seen posted here, I'm not see anything crazy enough to deserve the level of PFF dismissive ness that happens every time they get mentioned.

    I'm assuming those of you who dismiss then have seen them produce results that just don't make sense. I haven't followed them other than the few discussions here at CZ, and I'm more than willing to believe you. But all we hear on these threads is that they're terrible, followed by some explanations of why their system can't work. Are there consistent examples of their results being way out of whack?

    Sounds like you do a lot of homework on the team. How have you rated the individual o-linemen so far?
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    They have certainly been guilty of some head scratchers.
    1 point illustrating this was their rating of Livings prior to this season. Brian Broaddus openly debated them on twitter and radio about it. Livings played his butt off last year versus some of the best DTs in football and more than held his own without any help blocks. They scored those games as basically even for him while heavily penalizing him for penalties and second level misses so that he had these crazy negative scoring games versus scrub DT that never made any plays at all.

    In a nut shell they punished him because of scheme fit (he isn't a puller or great second level guy)and didn't credit him when he won 1 on 1 battles versus the league's best.

    Stats are very useful tools but they like a phillips head screwdriver are not helping much when you need a flat head, stats have to applied properly. The factual pieces of data are correct but assumptions about how they apply are NOT fact and in fact are often just subjective drivel.

    MY biggest pet peeve with their methodologies is their pressures stat and the way they weigh pass rushers. Not all agree but I hate to see a pressure count the same on a play as an actual sack. As if a play that dies for negative yardage is somehow equivalent to getting near a QB. Most of Romo's best plays have come when pressured. He doesn't do a whole lot when he is actually sacked....
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