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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Dec 22, 2012.

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    He very well may be even next season.

    Athletically he is already a top 10 guy.
    He has 1 season of LT play EVER on a major level.

    He is a very strong, very athletic player who struggles with things he hasn't seen before and apparently concentration.

    Every OL coach in this league would love to have Smith going into next year.

    Free has been whipped physically and mentally all year and it got in his head and he short-circuited. Tyron has whipped himself at times mentally and some good pash rush moves throw him completely but he stands up just fine physically.
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    I believe due to his work ethic coupled with his physical gifts Tyron will be a top 10 LT

    I cannot find myself able to believe that Free will do as well
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    And had we signed Grubbs and drafted Zeitler or Glenn, we'd likely still be 8-6, except a different group of posters would be complaining about the secondary and how the defense is a bottom 10 unit.
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    Yes-I couldn't take one more season of that sieve of a secondary. Carr and Claiborne were wise investments, they have for the most part been instrumental in keeping the Cowboys in games given the magnitude of injuries on defense.
    On the flipside, DeMarco Murray is probably more important to the passing game than the oline. If anything they'll need to find a viable backup rb in the offseason.
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    Can we trade RS to the Eagles for a bag of chetos?
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    At this point I wish we did neglect CB and go heavy O-line just so we wouldn't have to put up with his constant in-hindsight whining.

    As a fan, I have the luxury of saying I can live with a year of bad O-line play to see our historically awful secondary get cleaned up. Romo probably feels differently though, lol.
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    Hey Michael, I just went back and found the thread you started back about midseason, with the PFF rankings. Here they are, from the thread started on 11/13:

    Smith 46th out of 70 tackles
    Free 60th out of 70 tackles
    Livings 16th out of 79 guards
    Bern 45th out of 79 guards
    Cook 24th out of 36 centers

    So according to PFF, Cook is somewhat better than at midseason, Smith and Livings are about the same, and Free and Bern are going downhill.
  8. burmafrd

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    not surprising coming from you who ignores Romo getting regularly worked. Does not matter to you about busted ribs, etc.

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