Offensive Slow Starts - What Can Be Done?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheFinisher, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Jason Garrett tries to apply principles and see them through. He has talked about it extensively in his press conferences and it is at the root of what he calls "the process." It's interesting to watch people malign him for using the term and then have no idea what he means by it.

    It's why he stuck with Doug Free despite him struggling. It's why he tried to establish the run. He only told us a million times that he wanted a physical football team and that the running game was a big part of that. I imagine the Baltimore game encouraged him as to what the offense could look like.

    In fairness, however, it is also why he kept featuring Dez Bryant in game plans. How many calls for his head did we see after Bryant failed to cut in front of the face of the safety or not once but twice tried to field punts way over his head and towards the sideline? Dez came through only because Garrett gave him the chance to do so.

    This team played and played hard for Jason Garrett and for all the poopooing he gets I don't think anyone can really deny that.

    I also get the impression that many people here have never been in management positions and would have no idea what to do if given one. You cannot just give up on people when faced with adversity. You show a propensity to give up on people then they will give up on you. If you believe in something then you don't just give up on it because it doesn't work out right away.

    That is the only way you can get subordinates to 'buy into' what you are putting on them. If you don't show faith then they sure as heck won't.

    All of these things have been brought up a thousand times in Garrett's press conferences and it shouldn't be hard to figure out. People need to pay attention.
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    Good luck getting this point to sink in. You're throwing a hot dog at a brick wall there.
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    Bingo. We know the team is capable of producing in the 2nd half. The only direct correlation to them having success in the 2nd half is usually that Garrett's hands are usually off the play calling button by that time.
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    I would like to see some plays where the offense lines up and does it right away, no matter the outcome. Throw the ball away if you have to do it for three plays! Then kick...!

    After that kind of stuff on the very FIRST series...let the defense know that your are coming for them...the whole game!

    Finesse is nice, and it will trick you at times. But, going after the defense in a way they were not expecting? They say that everyone knows the calls before the snap. Well, that's what they say...
  5. 5Stars

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    That is a good point...but at the same time it lets the defense look, study the formation on offense. So, why wait?

    Call one play that they really know, no matter where the defense is, just do it.

    Do it again for the first series.
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    Fix the offensive line, and the coaching. Offense needs to be more uptempo. I swear that Josh McDaniels would be the perfect guy to run this offense. I love the way New England is on the ball so fast and the quick snaps.
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    I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just that that's why they do it. They obviously think the advantage of knowing what the defense is going to do more than offsets the element of surprise they get from snapping early in the count.

    Though, am I wrong in remembering that they actually sped up the snaps this season? I thought they had.
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    that's good in theory unless the defense knows that's what you're doing and gives us looks to get us in the set they want us in, seems like its a I know that you know that I know that you know chessmatch we lose too many times to delay of game ... imho
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    Bingo on both points. If Garrett is stepping back from the offense next season, things should be better.
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    The problem here is Garrett. People here like to blame everything from the receivers, to the Oline and even to penalties. Well, if thats the case why does it happen every game? The reason why we start out slow is because of the plays that Garrett calls does not fit with the overall situation. He probably does script his plays but they don't take advantage of our players strengths. Garrett style of offense is he wants to mold the offense to his way thus you have lots of confusion with the oline and with our receivers. Why can't Garrett just innovate and change it around to fit our players skills? Surely, that will help alot in making our offense more efficient.

    Thus I have to say most if not all of the blame is Garrett. He sticks with the same old script every game and expects different results. How many times do we start out with a run up the middle on 1st down? It happens all the time.
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    This ^^^^

    Garretts offense was a never take charge offense, its more like wait n watch and start changing game plan . or throw everything and let Romo run with it

    I know am generalising but the results only count
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    We should get behind early to get our offense in gear.

    /I'm kidding of course
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    People will hate me for this, but I'd love to see our offense work anything close to New England. To me they are the standard of what we should try to be like.

    /Except that cheating with cameras part
  14. TwoDeep3

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    If this is truly the case, then what does it say about the coach that allows the team week in and week out to get into a hole because the offense is not moving in the first half because of the scripted plays due to execution?
  15. TwoDeep3

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    Or Romo starts to see the game slipping away and thinks, "enough of this crap," and changes plays and takes charge.

    If that is anywhere near the truth them maybe what needs to happen is Romo call the plays.
  16. Idgit

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    To believe this *might* be the case means assuming NFL offenses are fundamentally much more simplistic then they should reasonably be expected to be. To begin with, the 'script' is going to be based closely on all of the work done during the week to anticipate how the other team is likely going to try to defend us. It'll have the direct input from not just Jason Garrett, and not just the entire offensive staff. It'll be the product of hours of work with Tony and the offensive team identifying tendencies we think we can exploit and what looks from the defense we want to get on paper early. And it's designed to get points early if we execute at the level we're expected to execute. It's not something Jason Garrett goes away for a few hours on Thursday morning and then comes back and gives to the staff and says 'this is what we're going to do.'

    As for Romo changing plays and taking charge every week....I'm sorry, but I don't think even you believe that's what's going on. A, it's absurd. B, if that's what were actually happening, Jason Garrett would have lost the team long ago. C, if that's what were really happening, there'd be no way to keep it under wraps and Jason would be let go. D, I think it's pretty well established that it's Jason Garrett calling the plays, so to believe he's not, and that no coach is, and that it's being done by a player instead is pretty much just a very unlikely fantasy.

    I've said in enough threads at this point that there are legitimate issues with this offense, and that many of them fall squarely on the plate of Jason Garrett. This includes the slow starts. There's no reason why we can't all look at the execution problems, the game management issues, the drive-killing offensive penalties, and the personnel deficiencies and see there's plenty of room for improvement. We can do this while looking at offensive production and realizing that we're actually still able to move the ball pretty well and be thankful for that. We can criticize the coaches and the players for what they actually don't do well without resorting to fantasies about what else might be going on that don't apply to any NFL offense, ever. Or can't we?
  17. Idgit

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    If you haven't heard it yet, in today's presser, Garrett goes into play calling in a fair amount of depth. He says pretty much exactly what I was trying to say here, only instead of using the word 'simplistic,' he uses the word 'stupid' to think about it as if the game plan or the play calling were monolithic and driven just by the head coach.
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    Romo has been a slow starter since day uno. His Career 1st Quarter Splits for QBR are generally always his worst quarter, and usually by a significant margin. Even in 2006 under Parcells this was true (Q1: 70.6, Q2: 109.3, Q3: 100.9, Q4: 94.5), so it's not just a "Garrett thing". I remember reading an article in 2006 when Romo had his breakout season, Parcells detailed how David Lee would sit in the coaches box and lament "Tony is off the reservation today!!" in the first quarter, and then later Tony would inevitably turn things around as the game went along. Tony is a rhythm passer. All QBs are to some degree, but I generally think Tony is more than others because the strength of his game is his instincts, footwork and quickly getting through his progressions. It takes him a while to get into the flow of the game. He's not Aikman who is just going to 5 step drop, plant the back foot and thread the needle into a tight window on a 6 dig route on a frozen rope to his primary read. Could Garrett do more things to get Tony in a rhythm earlier? Absolutely. He could do things like go no huddle/hurry up to force the pace. However, there is a Catch 22 in that you're asking a QB who has no feel or rhythm for the game to sling it around, and you're asking a QB who often times has a problem with discretion and judgement to hurry things up and make snap judgements before he's gotten a handle for how the defense is scheming him. That's often a recipe for mistakes. The cataclysmic kind.
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    ...on the Cowboys and many NFL, college and youth teams are a collaboration of the coaches and QC staff.

    It's not Garrett who creates the options for third and long inside of your 20.

    Everyone on the staff contributes to that.

    For a real root cause for why plays fail one has to look no further than the individual players and their assignments and technique used for each failed play.

    It's just not an exercise the common fan wants to go through to figure out the real reason why the plays fail. Hence it is much easier to blame the playcaller.

    The problem with this approach is if Callahan begins calling the plays and he has mixed results who do you blame then for the play calls?

    Callahan was contributing to them in 2012. So was the RB coach, the WR coach, the QC guy and possibly the defensive coaches who may have seen some tendencies on tape.

    Who's fault is it for a play that didn't work for fans watching on TV?

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