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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. boyzfan1972

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    still sticking because there is no one else.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    Garrett is the one deciding to pass the ball and ignore the run you rube.
  3. yentl911

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    I am still a fan. Sorry. He was not the reason we lost today.

    If we had any kind of game management or how to use your running game to secure victory it would not have even come down to Romo trying to make a play. That is a fact.
  4. SWG9

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    Read some articles about how the Cowboys operate, then come back and post.
  5. Clove

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    We don't know if Beasley ran the wrong route, looks like he sat down, and for 1 yard, that's what you do. The ball would've been incomplete anyways, it was too wide even had Beasley kept going. Keep it up though, just slowly watch what I've been saying all these years.

    No matter what the defense did, no matter what Garrett did, the ball was in his hands twice to win or lose it.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    Prove that he's audibling out of a running play. We literally have no idea what he's doing at the line, or even what play calling system the Cowboys still use. They used to do the run/pass option. Do they still do it? Who knows.

    And even so, Romo is just the quarterback. Garrett is the HEAD COACH. Never in my life have I heard of an offensive coordinator/play caller absolved from blame by saying, "Hey, my QB is really the one making all the decisions out here!" It's Garrett's job to call the plays, set the tempo and course for the offense.
  7. Parcells4Life

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    So you believe Romo DOESN'T have the autonomy to change the play to a run/pass? And his yelling when he gets to the line with different hand signals is just to confuse the defense?

    Isn't that exactly what Jerry said Romo was given this offseason? To be like Peyton, from the game planning to the play call to the checks at the line.
  8. Cowboyz88

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    Should we have run? No freaking doubt, but just as in the Washington Playoff game (and Denver this year), the man has to recognize the situation, be a real QB and understand that he CANNOT FORCE THE BALL.

    He's a mental midget and his butt clearly puckers when he least can afford it.

    I don't care how many charts or stats you can show me that prove what a "great" QB he is, the proof is in the pudding and this pudding sucks.
  9. The Natural

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    2 interceptions in the fourth quarter. Ya'll keep talking about the defense. The bottom line is this, down 1 point with the ball..this front running chump had a chance to lead his team to victory and failed.
  10. Stinger_Splash

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    Of course Romo chokes again. Big ******* surprise. Now his choking is even more costly. 100 million dollars worth.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    It seemed clear to me from the way everyone was yelling at him afterward that he ran the wrong route. And obviously, it makes sense that he would be running an out toward the sideline there doesn't it, considering that we're trying to move the ball and get our receivers out of bounds?
  12. nickjamesw43

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    A touchdown counts for seven points at the end and seven points at the beginning. By the same token an INT kills just as many drives at the end as it does the beginning of the game. The idea that the end of the game is the most crucial is the biggest fallacy in sports.

    You can certainly find throws you would like to Romo have made. But at the end of the day an even moderately competent defense wins this game.
  13. TheCoolFan

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    The guy is cursed. And we're stuck with him for a LONG time :( I truly believe Romo just becoming a starting QB for 4-5 years in this league was his ceiling, especially coming from out of nowhere. He was destined to be a solid QB and have a solid albeit not spectacular career like Marc Bulger or Trent Green. Instead, he was vaulted to this position as starting QB of the Cowboys and the sports gods have to consistently remind him that he's already reached his ceiling.
  14. Parcells4Life

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    Actually we DO have evidence. Jason Hatcher got on Romo in practice after the Chiefs game for audibiling out of run plays in practice. Here's the link in case you hadn't heard.

  15. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Green Bay saying "our house" in their locker room. Cowboys fans stayed home, sold their tickets to Queen Bay, it is their house. To double win now. The ball was in Romo's hands TWICE, no matter what you say about it, he threw a pick twice. Don't pretend like this is the first time you've seen this.
  16. blackbull

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    People still defending him. Lol I'm still a fan but like Zordon the days of emotional investment is over. Jerry doesn't care anything about this team.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    I believe Romo has that autonomy, but I don't know for sure that's what he was doing. Half the time when QB's yell stuff at the line they are doing it just to throw the defense off and aren't actually doing anything.

    The only thing I know for certain is that Garrett is the HEAD COACH. And he is the one calling plays. And he is the one who can ultimately decide, "OK, This is getting out of hand, let's run the ball." He didn't.

    Why are you treating Garrett like some innocent bystander? He's the coach, NOT ROMO.
  18. Cowboyz88

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    By my count, he missed Four TDs to Dez.

    With this defense, every point counts, and Romo left a lot of points on the table.
  19. Mr Cowboy

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    I'm shocked we were up 23 at the half, but I knew Garrett would find a way to crap the bed. It is mind boggling that we were running the ball so well, and then just stopped for no reason. And when the defense came out a played Tampma 2 zone in the second half, and quit being aggresive, I knew there was a good chance that we lose. I even posted in the game thread that they must of reached their running play quota.
  20. dallasfan4lizife

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    The romo homers are sick to their stomachs.

    I don't get too upset over losses like this....

    Because my memory is better than a gold fish, I know what Romo really is.
  21. Super_Kazuya

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    Really more disappointed with his execution. Just totally blew a couple of deep balls, and on the play to Miles I liked that he tried it, but he just threw a bad pass. It's funny because Romo haters cry that he doesn't take chances, he actually did take quite a few today. He just didn't execute. Also not a surprise that the pick was around Miles he never breaks anything up.

    On a totally unrelated, not trying to make excuses for anyone note, we seem to be totally snake bit on guys making crazy interceptions against us. Obviously the last one was a great catch, the one that was tipped and overturned was basically an interception and a nice catch, and I totally thought the interception over the middle was a great play at full speed by Shields. Our guys never make plays like that.

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