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    I asked this question a couple of months ago, but I want to know who would be REALLY interested in doing this.. SERIOUS fantasy footballers only.. I think it would be fun to have an OFFICIAL league.. The league members could talk smack on here, all the people on the boards could follow the league and make their picks, it would be a fun thing for all of us to follow and have some fun with.. The administrators and moderators could maybe have a sticky with all the league info in it..

    I'll set this whole thing up if I need to.. I've done it for my group of friends for the past few years, so I know how to do it all.. And NFL.COM is the best place and it's free now.. (although I wouldnt mind throwing in some money and having a "pool" that someone can win at the end-- it makes it more serious and more fun at the same time-- and people are more likely to try harder)..

    so who is interested? 12 teams is what I'm looking at.. let's at least discuss it and get it figured out.. I wanna do this thing..
  2. TheKey

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    We already have an official league in the Fantasy Zone. Its a Yahoo! league and we already drafted.
  3. Qwickdraw

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    I'd be interested.

    But I don't play head to head leagues. IMO, they're stupid. I prefer accumulative points.

    Also, I think it's ******** to draft before the preseason draws to a close.
  4. jterrell

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    I'd be interested in a league that drafts after a couple of pre-season games.
  5. Typhus

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    True about early drafts, but the fact that forum leagues consist of membership dispersed throughout the nation and even other countries is the reason why drafts have to take place so early.

    Im in several leagues, but one league in particular, has been together for 8 years now, mostly original owners. There is one owner from Italy, but the rest are in the US.

    We started our draft via E-Mail about 3 weeks ago, and still have 6 rounds left. If we didnt start our draft so early, we would never get done.

    E-Mail drafts may take a very long time to complete, but after a few seasons of doing one the adavantages are clear.

    It may seem to be a time consuming headache at first, but since they are so drawn out, you can really use a lot of strategy, since you can watch the draft unfold in front of you and you are not pressed to make a snap decission on a player.

    Plenty of time to research pics, and evaluate what players other teams have taken, and would likely take before you, allowing you to make the best choice, rather than a reach.

    Early drafted leagues may have their draw backs, but deep rosters can counter balance most training camp/pre-season injuries.

    Im in if there is room for another team,,, but only if your serious about this league.. I might have some other recruits available if you need them,,,,
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    I would very much be interested in joining if one were set up. Especially if there was a pool involved. However, I don't really have any preferences as to the league itself.

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    really?? bummer! man, you guys did it early.. i'm in the boat that says that you should have the draft a couple of games into the preseason.. this thread was just to discuss and get one setup up and get the ball rolling, then have the draft at the end of august.. and it's too bad ya went Yahoo, cause the ones are much better..
  8. DallasEast

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    Forget fantasy football!

    When will The CowboysZone installed a Gamers forum and organize tournaments for fans of Madden, NFL 2K, NCAA Football, etc.? Heck, with the number of other teams' fans over here, every Dallas fan here could pick the Cowboys and nobody would even mind. :D

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    that's actually a really great idea.. i love playing Madden online..
  10. DallasEast

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    Me, too. I prefer the one-on-one challenges over the lobby rooms. It's almost impossible sometimes to get enough players together for tournaments...
  11. jksmith269

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    I'm interested if it's in Yahoo just PM me the details...
  12. Muhast

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    Raise your hand if your unbeatable in madden *raises hand*

    my profile now says Im 55-4 against other users. I played my entire high school football team. lol
  13. DallasEast

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    Almost unbeatable ;), but a great record, nonetheless. What level are you on?
  14. Muhast

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    well when i play with a regular team in all madden ( like just the reg cowboys) i beat the computer by 40-60 points or so usually.

    But I dont play online much anymore, in madden 05 I was 22-3 online. One guy used glitches or w/e they are where my players all blitz in no matter what. And he beat me 21-7. and the other 2 were disconnects. So technically I didnt lose.

    if you guys start it up i'd be more than happy to play some of you guys :) NCAA 07 till madden comes out+madden+ college football+ plus watching NFL= great life
  15. Wimbo

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    definitely interested.
  16. DallasEast

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    I hate the glitchers. With every new game, EA can never seem to eliminate the bugs in Madden. That's sad because it has always been a great game in my opinion (they could have kept the 1999 game though :cool:).
  17. scottsp

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    Wow, that's an early draft.

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    OK-- here's what we'll do.. I'm gonna go ahead and set one up.. if you are interested in being in this and you will take it SERIOUSLY.. meaning.. change your lineups each week and just generally be active in the league.. then the first 12 people that PM me that say they want to be in the league will be in.. it makes it ALOT more fun if people are serious about it..

    i can tell you right now:

    1. It will be a head-to-head league
    2. It will be a live draft conducted toward the end of preseason
    3. It will be a FREE league on

    after we get our 12 teams, we can decide on the details of throwing money in and making a pool.. maybe we can all send it to one of the mods (someone we all trust) and they can keep the money until the end of the season and send it to the champ..

    as of this point, it looks like the following people are in:


    If your name is in the above list, you have either PM'd me or stated an interest in this thread.. if you are in the list above and you don't want in, let me know ASAP so we can get the 12 finalized.. I'll understand if you drop out if we decide to do the money angle.. but throwing some money in can really sweeten things and make them that much more exciting!
  19. CM Duck

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    WOW!!!! you mean you wanna start a "competition" within the "ZONE" that doesnt require the players have at least 5 million posts? You know, like the draft thingy. I never liked that, cuz you have ALOT of people on here who tally up the number of posts with ones saying stuff like "nice post, thanks", etc. But anyways, I guess what I am tryin to say is...

    COUNT ME IN BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. tyke1doe

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    I'm interested in participating.

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